In the Fall of 1961, photographers from the national publication "Teen Time" came to our school to photograph students in their daily routines for an upcoming feature story that would name Sherman High School as "School Of The Month". Being a bi-monthly publication, SHS was actually so honored for two months. Sophomore Mary Lindsay was recognized in the December '61/January '62 issue of "Teen Time" as the student who wrote the letter telling the "Teen Time" staff about our school and why it should be honored. Julie Buckner Woodruff from the '64 class deserves a special thank you for reminding us once again of "Teen Time." Special thanks also go to Nancy Flowers Standerfer and Shari Hightower Turner, classmates of Julie's and Mary's, for providing us with the magazine's cover and feature story you see here. We hope you enjoy this look back to 1961 as the people of our nation had the opportunity to become acquainted with a few days in the life of Sherman High School and its students.