Points to Ponder



 The people listed below are high school drop outs, just think what they might have accomplished had they finished high school. Seriously the importance of achieving a quality education can't be stressed enough, especially in today's world with all the technical advancements and new inventions that are becoming more essential every day. What most of the people on the list must have or have had in common is a very strong inner drive, success in most anything in life with or without an education must come from within. It doesn't do any good to decide on a goal if you just think about it but never begin, "Opportunity knocks, but you've got to open the door." You probably knew a few of these people were drop outs but some of the names are a real surprise.




Julie Andrews
Louie Armstrong
Pearl Bailey
Lucille Ball
Drew Barrymore
Count Basie
Jack Benny
Humphrey Bogart
Sonny Bono
Marlon Brando
Raymond Burr
Glen Campbell
Jim Carrey
Ray Charles
Bill Cosby
Tom Cruise
Jimmy Dean
Robert DeNiro
Princess Diana
Walt Disney
George Eastman
Thomas Edison
Duke Ellington
Ella Fitzgerald
George Foreman
George Gershwin
Benny Goodman
Patrick Henry
Paris Hilton
Andrew Jackson
Peter Jennings
Elton John
Abraham Lincoln
Lindsay Lohan
Joe Louis
Marilyn Monroe
Sidney Poitier
Roy Rogers
Jessica Simpson
Ringo Starr
Charlie Sheen
Jessica Simpson
Danny Thomas
Dave Thomas
John Travolta