The SHS Class of 1963 held a very successful "Happy Days" second twenty year reunion July 5th and 6th. The reunion consisted of a variety of events with the main one being a dinner and program at Austin College's Wright Center followed by music of the 50's and 60's performed by The Blandelles. A memorial tribute to our "Fallen Bearcats" was led by classmate Reverend Ben Ewing and a tribute to our classmates who served in the military was led by classmate Gary Park. Sylvia Yarborough was the furthest traveled female coming from Seattle, Washington and Donny Adams was the furthest traveled male coming from Haverville, Massachusetts. Student Body President Ven Hammonds and Senior Class Vice-President Dick Ellis, both honored in past years as recipients of the Ex-Students Association's Outstanding Ex-Student Award, were both in attendance. Classmate Marcus Pritchett took home "Best In Show" honors at the car show for his beautiful red and white '56 Chevy, the car show was co-sponsored by Auto Zone Auto Parts.


     Many classmates very much enjoyed touring the Ex-Student's Museum and seeing memorabilia from Sherman High School's 100 plus years as well as from other Sherman Schools. The Perrin Field Historical Society, The Red River Historical Museum, and the Sherman Public Library all were very much appreciated as they were helpful in setting up reunion related displays. The class bench, a 1988 gift to the city located on the grounds of the Municipal Building, recently received a refurbishing.


Our class is one of the most active classes from SHS that we know of, we have major reunions every five years and mini-reunions twice a year with one being in the Fall and one being in the Spring..





  Our class has also had several major year reunions as well as several mini-reunions.


One of our most enjoyable mini-reunions was at "Loose Wheels" in the Spring of 2009 when our class sponsor Bill McClure attended. Bill spoke many times of how much he enjoyed being with our group that day and we enjoyed him being there just as much, sadly he passed away before he could attend another of our events. James Cooper is shown in this picture near the front entrance to "Loose Wheels" holding Bill McClure's paddle, those were allowed when we were in school. Thanks to Virginia McClure for letting us use Bill's well known paddle in the picture, Bill would've gotten a chuckle out of that as he and James discussed the paddle that day.