"Helping Others Pursue Education" 


HOPE which stands for "Helping Others Pursue Education" is a new and very worthwhile scholarship program, it is most likely the first of its type in Texas and maybe the entire nation. This program is to give all Sherman High School graduates who want to attend college or a trade school but can't because of lack of finances a chance to further their education, graduates eligible for this will not be those who might receive other scholarships or those from financially able families. It is to help those students who may be average but are otherwise qualified for college and really want to attend but just don't have the required funds, nationally some 65% of today's high school graduates fall into this category. There are some other qualifications for this, scholarship recipients will be selected by a special board set up by the Sherman Ex-Student's Association and all donations are 100% tax deductible. To find out more about this ambitious and very worthwhile program, please e-mail deh63shs@yahoo.com or shs63bearcats@yahoo.com. Please help if you can, better educated graduates today will make for a better America tomorrow.