Cell phones and computers are two inventions we didn't have back in 1963, now our world would seem strange without them. Here is some fun stuff you might enjoy, the phone apps listed are free on the Android phones but may also be available on other phone systems. Rather than describing each app, check them out when you have time as some are very useful. Lots of news apps are available as well as lots of fun camera apps too and much more, there are too many to list here but they are easily found are more are being developed daily. How did we get by before phone apps?
Phone Apps

50's & 60's TV Themes

Classic Christmas Songs

Countries Info Free


Dallas Eats Local

Dallas Fort Worth Traffic

Dallas Skyline


Elvis Mobile


First Aid

Google Sky Map

Handyman Calculator

History Here

I Heart Radio

Jazz Radio

My City Way - USA


Old Time Radio


Radio.com has one section named Reunion Radio

Restaurant Nutrition

Super Bright Flashlight

The Weather Channel

Today in History


Tune - in Radio

TV Food Maps

TX Markers

US History

W&Y Pages

Weather Underground


World Countries

World Explorer

World Newspapers



Some interesting websites will soon be added.