Our Sherman High School Class of 1963 has several distinctions, one of the most unusual being that we have had at least ten sets of twins in our class at one time or another. Our classmate Ted Wilson's mother was also a twin, we don't know if he might be our only classmate whose mother or father was a twin but there could be more knowing our classes unusual coincidences regarding twins. We located every actual graduate in 1988 for our twenty five year reunion and we have pretty well kept up with them since that time. Reunions should not be limited to just graduates but should be open to all the classmates that we have met throughout our school years as we have all made many friends who moved away before graduation. Some of these non-graduate classmates have become a very special part of our get-togethers and a portion of the success of our reunions and mini-reunions is due to the attendance and friendships of these certainly not forgotten friends. The twins listed below have all been part of our class at one time or another. If any of you can recall any twins that we missed, please let us know.


               Our Twins:

                    Sandra & Sharon Admire

                    Bob & Kay Kirk                    

                    Jerl & Jerlene Mullins

                    Eloise & Marilee Munger

                    Johnny & Tommy Perry

                    Barbara & Shirley Pond

                    Jerry & Marcus Pritchett

                    Billy & Bobby Roach

                    Randy & Ricky Rowland

                    Charles & Diane York


             Probably the most unusual fact of our twin phenomenon concerns classmate Dianne Keesee Williams' husband John. John and his twin brother Bob have been recognized by the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" staff for their unusual birth, they were born 18 and 1/2 hours apart in cities 29 miles apart. Bob was first born in Alexandria Bay, New York and John was then born in Watertown, New York. It's only natural that they have a connection with Sherman which for years was known, along with Denison, as one of the "twin cities". John and his twin brother recently attended one of our Metroplex get-togethers in Irving. All the classmates who were here in 1963 can remember our "Twin City Bowling Lanes" as well as the "Twin City Drive-In Theater" which was managed by classmate Rickey Ritchie's parents. When the Perrin Drive In Theater was torn down in the late 60's to make room for the new Sher-Den Mall, a new twin screen drive in theater was built just a couple of blocks to the west appropriately named the "Sher-Den Twin".


        "The Stratton Story" was a major motion picture made in 1949 starring Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, it was about a Greenville, Texas native who went on to pitch for the Chicago White Sox in the 1930's. Not very long into his career, he had to have his leg amputated due to a hunting accident. He amazed everyone by going back into baseball and even became a pitcher for our minor league professional team which was known as the Sher-Den Twins.


        Another unusual fact is as of right now the current oldest living male twins in the United States, at 101 years of age are Sheridan & Sherman Everett, both reside in Oregon. It is a fact that the probability of twins has been on the rise in recent years but it's doubtful that any other class our size will be able to claim ten sets of twins. The Louis Marshall School in Brooklyn, New York had 29 sets of twin enrolled in the 1999-2000 school year; however it is a school of 1,360 students in grades pre-k through fifth grade and is not just one class like ours. Is there any other class that can top our Sherman High School Class of 1963's "twin talk"?