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Here's hoping that everyone will have a safe and Happy New Year, or to put it another way more roses than thorns. Remember, enjoy this holiday weekend but when you're on the highways and byways be sure to watch out for those drivers who may have had too much spiked eggnog. 12/31/10

Glenn Hailey let us know that his and Marie's trips from Memphis to Boston to visit their daughter and her family may soon be over, son in law Robert Holland who is with Bank of America will soon be transferring to Charlotte, North Carolina. Robert and Lisa have really been dealing with quite a bit of snow lately as a result of the Christmas 2010 blizzard on the East Coast, they won't escape every blizzard when they move to Charlotte but Boston usually gets more of that type weather than Charlotte does. Glenn says he had many blessings to be thankful for this Christmas and he will have one more when his mom recovers from some recent surgery. Glenn also let us know that he had to have some emergency eye surgery just before Christmas, this was on the right eye not the left one that he had problems with in 2006 and 2007. He says that he is much improved and anticipates a full recovery from this as he did from the previous eye surgery, we wish him the best with his recovery and his mother's also. Glenn gets together some with Sissy (Higginbotham) Williams' brother Robert who also lives in Memphis, they are both Memphis Grizzlies' basketball fans and attend the games when they can. 12/29/10

Billy Jack Portman's mother, Margaret Portman, passed away on Monday, December 20, 2010 at the Homestead in Sherman, Texas. Graveside services will be held at 10 a. m. on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at Cedarlawn Memorial Park in Sherman, officiating will be Rev. Bart Smith under the direction of Dannel Funeral Home. Margaret worked for many years as a bookkeeper at both Hestand's Pharmacy and Price's Department Store, she enjoyed working and being around people so much that she insisted on working part-time five years after she was 80. She was a long time member of Key Memorial Methodist Church in Sherman and she was also an officer in the fraternal order of Pythian Sisters. In her spare time, Margaret loved to have a grandchild or a great grandchild spend a Friday or a Saturday night at her home. She also enjoyed fishing very much, was a faithful follower of the Texas Rangers, and even rode the rollercoasters from time to time at Six Flags Over Texas. Her survivors are: one daughter, Hilda Conine and her husband Al of Pottsboro, Texas; one son, Jack Portman and his wife Martha of Carrollton, Texas; three grandchildren, Christopher Monroe of Vancouver, Washington, Holly Portman of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Michelle Monroe of Sherman, Texas; Great grandchildren Ainsley Beaver, Tori Allen, Lexi Sample, Angela Monroe and Great-great grandchild Paisley Beaver 12/27/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, December 26, 1960, The busy and friendly staff at Bud's Snacks in Sherman cooperate with each other daily to give the customers the best in customer service. They are Sandra Admire, Peggy Coffman, Ann Mullins, "Pop" Prichard, and Oleta Sweeney. Extra note- Sandra was one half of the many sets of twins who have been part of our class, Sandra lives in Denison and formerly was a Constable there for Precinct Two and her sister Sharon is now deceased. Most of us remember Bud's as the easy to spot A-Frame building (now a Southern Maid Donut's location) at the intersection of Dewey and Lamar Streets in east Sherman, it was owned by L. G. (Bud) Marshall who passed away in August of 2000. The Bud's Snacks where Sandra worked was located on South Crockett right in front of Mercer Trailer Park, Bud's on East Lamar opened in the mid 60's, and Bud's #2 which opened in the early 80's on Wood Street near Fairview School is now MG's Restaurant.

Twenty Years Ago, December 26, 1990, Former Sherman High School student Nancy Crosthwaite is one of 52 "exception to the rule" students from greater North Texas who will be honored at the second annual "Dale Hansen/McDonald's Scholar Athlete of the Year" banquet. Nancy who played on the tennis team in high school is Susannah (Aston) Crosthwaite's daughter, check out the 11/8/10, 9/21/09, and 2/1/08 entries in this section of our website to see more about Susannah and her family. Dale Hansen is a well known longtime sports anchor on WFAA-TV in Dallas, the "Blandelles" who performed at our reunions in 2003 and 2008 also performed at Dale's 60th birthday surprise party at his home in Waxahachie, Texas in 2008. 12/26/10

Gail (Hipple) Bates let us know that the birth of her second grandson, Owen David Bates, was her and husband David's big event of the year. Owen weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces and was 21 3/4 inches in length when he was born June 29, 2010 in Greensboro, North Carolina, the proud parents are Dwight and Stephanie and the equally as proud older brother is Jonathon. Gail is a delegate to the Maryland State Legislature and was recently re-elected to that position, in fact at an American Legislative Exchange Council's conference in San Diego in August she received an award as Legislator of the Year. Along with the honor of being selected, Gail received a bronze bust of Thomas Jefferson inscribed "Presented in recognition of your leadership in advancing public policy based on the fundamental principles of free market, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty." With all her legislator duties and trips to Greensboro to see that new grandson plus her other family activities Gail stayed pretty busy in 2010 and it looks like 2011 will keep her pretty busy too. Gail says she and her family have much to be thankful for this season but encourages everyone to remember the most important reason we celebrate Christmas: "For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16  (KJV) 12/23/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, December 20, 1960, A recommendation that the senior high organize and sponsor a drill team for a maximum of 70 junior and senior girls beginning next school year was sent back to high school principal Walter Carpenter for further study before he can make the final decision. Extra note - Mr. Carpenter was principal during both our junior high and senior high years as he made the move with our class when we began senior high in September of 1960, some other classmates had him for more grades as he had also been a principal at Washington Elementary. Mr. Carpenter was well liked by the students as well as the teachers with whom he worked, he passed away in December of 1971. The original Sherman High Drill Team which Mr. Carpenter put his approval on did begin with that 1961/1962 school year, the sponsor was Mrs. Earl Morton. Our classmates who were officers on that initial drill team were Barbara Scholl as president, Deanna Nadeau as treasurer, and Michele Drolet and Jeana Ellis as junior lieutenants. Barbara had to give up being a drill team member when she moved to Yamato, Japan as a result of her father's military transfer, both she and Stewart Crane graduated from Yamato High School. Our classmates who were officers our senior year were Judy Kay Bryant as president, Jean Gilliland as treasurer, Beverly Hall as a lieutenant, and Michele and Jeana who had been promoted to captains. 12/20/10

Ron Haker and his wife Jan recently returned to their home in Arlington, Texas from another of their LST "Let's Start Talking" missionary trips, this latest trip (their 9th) took them to Chimala, Tanzania. Three of the main goals of these trips are to help people who are not native English speakers become more comfortable and correct when using the English language, to point people to the Bible as their resource of choice when making life's decisions, and to become friendship ambassadors from the USA wherever they go. These very meaningful trips have taken them to China twice, to Germany three times, to Senegal once, to Tanzania twice, and to Uganda once. Ron and Jan work with local missionaries wherever they happen to be, they read for approximately 8 hours a day for 6 weeks to an average of twelve people a day. Ron says even though the Africans on this latest trip seem to be living in poverty they were very proud of their country, they were also very appreciative and friendly. Ron and Jan are representatives of their home church in these projects, the Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas. We commend Ron and Jan for their work in this very worthwhile cause, you can go to to learn more about the "LST" project. 12/18/10

Gary Park and the other members of his Red River Military Vehicle Preservation Association had their annual Christmas Party at "Loose Wheels, Texas" last night, approximately thirty people attended. A special buffet was set up which everyone enjoyed, some even enjoyed it a couple of times. Gary said in previous years the Christmas parties have been held other places and this was the first time for the "Loose Wheels" location but the staff was so accommodating that they will definitely be back next year. Gary and some of the members also drove some of their authentic restored military vehicles in the recent Sherman Christmas Parade, we have a link on this website to find out more information about the Red River Valley MVPA. 12/17/10

We just heard from another classmate who also celebrated a monumental anniversary this year, Mike Boyd and his wife Marcia who live in Seattle, Washington are now home after a very special three week trip to Portugal and southern Spain. The memorable July trip was an early celebration of their 35th wedding anniversary which actually occurred on August 25th. Mike and Marcia visited Lisbon, Sagres which is a small town on Portugal's Algarve Coast, Seville, Spain, and then back to the northern part of Portugal to the town of Porto where port wine is made. Seville, Spain is Spain's fourth largest city, it is especially known for its bullfighting and flamenco music. The Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza is not the largest bullfighting arena in Spain but it is considered the most attractive. Another interesting fact about Seville is the Cathedral of Seville is the world's largest church, the Cathedral also contains the remains of Christopher Columbus. Mike says all the cities had visitor centers which were easy to get to and that English was common in the cities so communication was much easier than he thought it would be, sightseeing was spectacular also so that made the trip just that much better. We hear a lot about people in different countries being unfriendly to Americans but Mike said everyone he encountered was very friendly, another plus was the food and wine was not only fabulous but also inexpensive. The weather even cooperated on their trip and so they were able to eat in several of the very common and popular outdoor restaurants, they ate a lot of grilled fresh seafood since they were never more than a few miles from the Atlantic Coast. Mike especially enjoyed the grilled sardines, most likely much different than the sardines in the tin cans in our local grocery stores that most of us know about. Vinho Verde which is a local light dry white wine or an occasional glass of port wine accompanied many of their meals. Mike says if you take a similar trip don't pay any attention to your rental car's navigation system if it says to turn left onto an unpaved road as you might end up in some farmer's barnyard trying to shoo chickens away, that sounds like a scene out of a Ma & Pa Kettle movie. Mike says on any trip there may be a few drawbacks but at least the chickens were friendly and he didn't dent up the rental car that time. Sounds like he may have dented a rental car's fender before, there may be another story there. We hope one of their future trips will be a return to Sherman for our next big reunion or one of our mini-reunions, we can't promise grilled fresh seafood but many classmates would just be glad to see Mike and Marcia and a chance to show the Seattle residents some Texas hospitality. 12/15/10

Karen (Christie) Parker and her husband Robert of Lago Vista, Texas recently took a ten day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Regent's Seven Seas Voyager cruise ship, the trip was their gift to each other for their fortieth wedding anniversary which will take place on December 19th, 2010. The Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico were four of the seven ports visited on the memorable cruise. The Voyager is the world's second all-suite and all-balcony cruise ship and also the second to feature a restaurant operated by LeCordon Bleu of Paris. Karen says the service was impeccable and while the cruise would have been special anyway, taking it as a fortieth wedding anniversary cruise made it that much better. Other classmates that we know about who have or will be celebrating monumental wedding anniversaries this year are Art and Betty Lacy (8/9/75) of McKinney, Texas, Larry and Nancy (Bell) Mayo (11/30/90) of Bullard, Texas, Robert and Karen (Christie) Parker (12/19/70) of Lago Vista, Texas, Jack and Linda (Copley) Sneed (3/14/85) of Luella, Texas, and Ron and Patsy Speed (11/25/65) of Denison, Texas. All wedding anniversaries are special but we can't report on one each year for everyone, however we do like to recognize those anniversaries that end in either 5 or 0 such as 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 30 years, etc. We have reported on several other classmates that also have celebrated monumental wedding anniversaries this year in this section of our website, please notify us if you know of any we may have missed. 12/12/10

Jim Ross and his wife Sue have a couple of special reasons to be celebrating in 2010, August 1st was their fortieth wedding anniversary and they also have a new grandson who will be turning one on December 16th. Connor Michael Thompson is the son of Jim and Sue's daughter Jennifer Michelle and her husband Dr. Mark Thompson who is a professor of economics at Texas Tech, Mark and Jennifer met as students at Texas Tech. Erin Mackensie Thompson is Connor's older sister who turned six in October or as Jim says "six going on twenty." Jim who is a volunteer at the retiree's hangar at Vought Aircraft Industries in Dallas, Texas has had a 1/2 scale F-4U Corsair Warbird on display at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin since September 10th, that exhibit will continue through January 9th of 2011. At our last mini-reunion on November 20th at "Loose Wheels, Texas" Jim had a conversation with Marcus Pritchett about one of his vintage cars when he mentioned that he didn't have a vintage car but he did have "custody" of the Corsair. Marcus commented that he and his wife had seen one in Austin, he was surprised to find out that the one they had seen was Jim's. Jim says that he really enjoyed our last mini-reunion at "Loose Wheels" and anyone that has not been to one of the mini-reunions should try and attend the next one on May 14, 2011, this last mini-reunion was our most successful yet at "Loose Wheels" as several people attended for the first time. The actual neon "Texas Theater" sign from outside our Texas Theater on East Houston Street is also on display at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, any classmates that are ever in the Austin area should try to visit the museum as seeing that sign should definitely bring back some good memories. 12/9/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, December 6, 1960, Members of the Sherman Optimist Club Boxing Team are Floyd Blackburn, Jimmy Bostwick, Jerry Chapman, Don Crook, Larry Hartley, Norman Hash, Jackie Jones, Ronnie Lankford, Tim McGraw, Wendell O'Neal, Bob Portman, Steve Riley, David Rowell, Bob Shelton, Harold Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Dudley Wallace, and Larry Washburn. Orvie Cantrell is the coach. Extra note-Steve Riley (SHS Class of '61) is Pat (Riley) Garrett's brother, he and his wife Cheryl Bradley Riley (SHS Class of '66) have lived in Richardson, Texas for many years and Pat lives just north of Richardson in Plano, Texas. 12/6/10

Even though David Duke and his wife Beverly will soon be celebrating their second Christmas in their new home in Sherman's Baker Park area, Beverly says it will be their first Christmas where everything is fully unpacked since they moved in November of 2009 and they were still settling in when Christmas came last year. David and Beverly lived in their home on McGee Street for thirty four years so moving is something they definitely don't do often. The home they moved from was the same one where Reid Galbreth lived while growing up, Reid was a Class of '62 Sherman graduate who was one of Sherman's thirteen casualties of the Vietnam war. He had achieved the rank of a Captain in the Air Force, Reid lost his life in Thailand on May 28, 1973. Three of the many websites that have been set up for anyone who is interested in learning more about the casualties of the Vietnam War are,, and We have a "Veteran's" section on this website that tells about our classmates that we know of who served in our nation's military including Billy Watson who was our only classmate to lose his life in the Vietnam War. 12/2/10

Alton Bowman won second place overall and also the Woodcraft People's Choice Award at the 11th Annual Texas Furniture Maker's Show held recently in the scenic Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville, the always well attended show was held in the Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center. The very interesting 16,00 square foot art deco building once housed the town's post office but now is home to many different events throughout the year. Alton's entry this year which won him the two awards was a writing desk made of now extremely rare Brazilian Rosewood, you can see a picture of Alton's desk plus more information about this year's show by clicking on Alton says he really appreciated the awards he received in this year's show but having all his family home for the recent Thanksgiving Holidays was an even better award. We have several write ups related to Alton in this section of our website, one of them you might find especially interesting is the 1/10/10 entry. 11/30/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, November 28, 1950, The first Christmas trees to be brought to Denison this year are now on sale on the Woodard Street trade grounds. You can get a table model for fifty cents or one to brush the ceiling with for $1. Extra note-Many classmates will probably remember the wide selection of Christmas trees for sale set up every Christmas Season for many years in front of Bearcat Stadium, those were sold through the Optimist Club.

Fifty Years Ago, November 28, 1960, Austin College was recognized in this week's issue of Time Magazine as one of 50 small liberal arts colleges in the nation where a high school senior can expect to receive a good education.
Extra note-The Austin College campus has really grown in the last fifty years with many new buildings but one of the things that still makes Austin College a first class college hasn't changed, that is the excellent student to professor ratio which allows close interaction between students and professors. Austin College is the oldest college in Texas still operating under its original charter.   

Forty Years Ago, November 28, 1970, Tune your radio to KRRV on the 910 AM frequency from 9:00 a. m. until 2:00 p. m. and you'll hear Sherman's only female disc jockey, Cindi Adams, an attractive 22 year old Massachusetts Yankee and the wife of a Sherman police officer. Extra note-Cindi's husband who was on the Sherman Police Department for approximately three years is Donny Adams, Donny has now been retired from the United States Postal Service for two years. He and Cindi live in New Hampshire, they have been residents of the East Coast since 1975. Donny and Cindi get back to Sherman occasionally and were here for our 2003 reunion, we hope they'll get to attend another regular reunion or at least one of our mini-reunions. 11/28/10

From  the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, November 26, 1960, Four boys escaped death when their boat capsized in 60-degree water on Lake Texoma. Rescuers pulled the boys from the water two hours after the boat's motor came loose causing the boat to capsize about a mile and a half from shore, the boys are Bill Chaney, Trey Crosthwaite, Don White, and Ned Woodall. Extra note-Trey Crosthwaite is a long time Sherman dentist and Susannah (Aston) Crosthwaite's husband, they have lived on Westwood Drive for many years near where Nancy Bell, Judy Brown, and Skee Hughes used to live when they were students at Sherman High.  Don White is Kay (White) Orton's brother, he has lived in Fort Worth, Texas for many years. 11/26/10

Doyle Reynolds has a special reason to be proud these days, his son Vance Reynolds will take over as the new Chief Executive Officer at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ in Sherman on December 13, 2010. Vance graduated from Tom Bean High School in 1989 and is an outstanding leader and a very accomplished hospital administrator having won several awards for his work, his most recent position was as CEO of River Region Health Systems in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Vance was born at WNJ as were three of his six children and that plus being back home near family and getting an opportunity to serve the people of his community were most likely big factors in helping him make his decision to return to Texas. We wish Doyle's son Vance the best of luck in his new position, having grown up in the area should help him to adapt much quicker than someone that has never been here before. 11/23/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, November 22, 1960, Sherman basketball coach Martin Hearne is counting heavily on four lettermen for the coming season. They are Larry Howard, Mike Nelson, Ben Rodgers, and Bobby Roper. Extra note-Larry Howard was one of the upperclassmen who actually ended up graduating with our class, he now lives in Fort Worth.
Twenty Years Ago, November 22, 1990, Earl Wiggins has been promoted to special products supervisor at the local Oscar Mayer Food Corporation plant. Extra note-At one time Bennie (Bowen Stoy), Terry Green, Johnny Griffin, Lyndall (Hobbs) Wilcoxon, and Earl Wiggins all worked at the Oscar Mayer plant in Sherman. The plant closed in 1998 after being located in Sherman for twenty two years, more than five hundred people were once employed there. Information about Oscar Mayer and many other Sherman industries can be found in a very interesting book which Ron Speed wrote and published on the history of industry in Sherman from 1846-2008. More can be found out about Ron's book in the 7/4/09 entry in this section of our website. Terry Green still works in the same building that once housed Oscar Mayer, only this time Tyson Foods is located there. 11/22/10

Mike Nurre's dad, Ted Nurre, was pictured in today's Herald Democrat as one of our area's military veterans who participated in a recent Veteran's Day program at Sory Elementary School in Sherman. Ted and his wife Jerre are both very active in our community; we have several entries about them in this section of our website. Sory Elementary is a new school named in honor of Henry Sory who was principal at Sherman High School just before Walter Carpenter took over that position, Henry was with the Sherman ISD for 37 years and was known as a dedicated educator and a very well respected community leader. Henry served as the Sherman Ex-Student's Association's first president, David Hall was the first official member of that association and he and Henry served together on the board of directors for four years. Henry passed away in March of 2008, although ill for some time he lived long enough to see the school being built that will bear his name for many years to come. Ven Hammonds is also a past president of the Sherman Ex-Student's Association and has received an Outstanding Ex-Student's Award from the board as has Dick Ellis. For more on other recent Veteran's Day activities in our area go to the 11/14/10 entry in this section of our website and we also have a link to the Sherman Ex-Student's Association on this website. 11/21/10

It was recently announced that the building on King Street that we know as our junior high will be donated to Grayson County for use as an additional office building, it is sad to not see it used by the school system anymore but at least it won't be torn down as was one of the possibilities that was being considered for the building. Some of our parents graduated from that building back when it was Sherman High School but several of our classmates refer to it as our Piner Junior High although that name came along later, when we attended school in that building it was officially Sherman Junior High. It has been used for quite some time now as the Sherman ISD Administration Building, for the past eleven years Linda (Copley) Sneed has worked there as the switchboard operator. The building looks pretty much the same inside as it did when we were in junior high but that will most likely change once the county takes it over. If you want to go see the building when it still looks like it used to, you better go see it soon. 11/19/10

Susan (Sue) Gray Champaign lives in Nashville, Tennessee and although nearly everyone in Nashville was affected by the May, 2010 floods, Sue was luckier than many. At the time of those floods Sue lived in an apartment house which suffered lots of damage but fortunately she lived on the third floor. She said the damage in Nashville was greater than many people realized and that parts of the famous city looked like a war zone plus some people lost their lives in what the Army Corps of Engineers described as a 1,000 Year Flood. Several of the music stars lost their homes and some others lost their equipment plus the famous Grand Old Opry House was closed until September 28th because of severe flood damage, still the Opry never missed a performance as it still went on in various locations around the city until it could truly be back home. Vince Gill and Amy Grant and other country music stars had a telethon to help raise money to rebuild the city, Sue says because of things like that and the goodness and hard work of many of the people really pulling together that life is returning to normal for Nashville and its residents. Sue has a daughter who has been an apartment manager there for many years, her son owns his own flooring business there also and has installed floors in the homes of Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, and many other famous performers who call Nashville home. Sue has two granddaughters who are in college and a ten year old son, they are very special to Sue as grandchildren should be. Sue says that she is very much looking forward to a visit from her brother Bob who will be traveling to Nashville this next week for Thanksgiving. We hope things continue to look up for Sue and the other residents of Nashville, fortunately Sue has some good family support nearby and most likely many friends also. 11/17/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, November 16, 1970, Lila Bruton was named Tom Bean Homecoming Queen. Rodney Stevens was named Mr. Touchdown. Extra note-Tommy Cox and his wife Lila celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary in March of this year, they have a daughter April who is twenty nine and their son Clay is twenty two. For many years Tommy and Lila have lived in Luella which, for those of you who may not remember, is on Highway 11 just south of Sherman before you get to Tom Bean.

Thirty Years Ago, November 16, 1980, Who plugged J. R.? The question reverberating around the world will be answered Friday night. We can eliminate at least one "Dallas" regular from the suspects, or at least her double doesn't know anything about it. Candice Edwards of Denison is a stand in for Lucy Ewing, portrayed by Charlene Tilton, and she doesn't know who shot J. R. or whether her character is the guilty party. Extra note-"Dallas" was one of the most popular shows in television history and the "Who Shot J. R.?" episode was the most watched one of the series. The home pictured in the series is actually located in the town of Parker, Texas which is just east of Plano. There used to be many activities held on the grounds of Southfork until it changed ownership, Ronnie Giles was once the featured performer there at a two day chili cook-off before he retired from singing. Norman Bennett, Ronnie Giles, and Billy Jack Portman were just some of the Dallas area citizens that appeared in different roles and at different times on the popular "Dallas" show as did Stellagene (Teague) Shelton's husband Joe Max Shelton who is now deceased but was in the SHS Class of '62. Norman Bennett was one of our most popular teachers at Sherman High, his acting abilities later landed him in several movies, stage plays, and television shows. Check out to see just some of what Norman has done, he now lives in El Paso, Texas but still gets back to Sherman from time to time. 11/16/10

Suzanne (Young) Welch just completed her third charity walk this year, this latest one was the Dallas Memory Walk which raises money to help fight the tragic disease of Alzheimers. The participants in this particular event raised over $54,000 in just five days, the actual walk part of the fund raiser was held at the Dallas Zoo this past Saturday. The Alzheimers' Association sponsors Memory Walks throughout our nation, it is our nation's largest agency to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support, and research. Since 1980 more than 300 million dollars have been raised to help fight this often misunderstood disease. Five million American's have Alzheimers and another ten million are caregivers for those that have the disease so it affects more people than most of us realize. To find out how you can participate in a Memory Walk in your area, go to walk. Congratulations to Suzanne for her participation in this worthwhile event and the other charity walks she has done through the years. 11/15/10

Gary Park was very busy this past week with several Veteran's activities, the first being on Veteran's Day November 11th as he and several of his military association friends participated in a military vehicle convoy through downtown Sherman and then they convoyed by Wakefield and Fairview Elementary Schools where the kids really enjoyed seeing all the different types of vehicles. This was followed with a Veteran's Day Ceremony at the Veteran's Memorial in Fairview Park followed by lunch at the Sherman VFW. Friday Gary participated in a special Heroes Day program at Dillingham Middle School in Sherman. Yesterday Gary was one of the many veterans in the Denison Veteran's Parade and then it was on to "Loose Wheels, Texas" where many veterans ate lunch and were honored in a special program. Be sure to check out the "Veteran's" section of this website and also the "Links" section where we have links to military associations that Gary is associated with, we also have more on Gary's military related activities as many different entries in this section of our website. Gary as well as all our other veteran's deserve a special thanks for their military service, America could not be much without its military and the men and women who serve now and have served in the past to keep us all safe. Another veteran that is special to us is Mike Nurre's dad Ted who was one of our area veteran's that received a special award in a ceremony held this past Friday at the Sherman Elk's Lodge, during World War II Ted flew 110 missions as a tail gunner in a B-17. Because of a service ceiling greater than any of its contemporaries, the B-17 Flying Fortress dropped more bombs than any other U. S. aircraft during World War II. 11/14/10

Gustof Otto Fajerson passed away on Friday, November 5, 2010 at the Central Texas State Veteran's Hospital in Temple, Texas. His funeral services with military honors will be held at 3:00 p. m. on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at the Central Texas State Veteran's Cemetery in Killeen, Texas with the assistance of Waldo Funeral Home of Sherman. Otto served in the United States Army and achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class. He is survived by: his wife, Jorene Fajerson of Boerne, Texas; two sons, Kevin Mason and his wife Adrienne of Ennis, Texas and Nicholas "Nick" Archie Fajerson and his wife Corie of Southmayd, Texas; and eight grandchildren. 11/14/10

Bobby Richardson's mother-in-law, Lizzie Marie Lubbers passed away on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at the Homestead of Sherman Nursing Home in Sherman, Texas. Her services will be at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at the Chapel on the Hill at Cedarlawn Memorial Park in Sherman, Texas under the direction of Waldo Funeral Home. Marie was a retired RN who loved cooking, crocheting, and most of all spending time with her family. Her survivors are: three daughters, Judy Ferrell of Sherman, Texas, Shirley Richardson and her husband Bobby Joe also of Sherman, and Wanda Gibbs and her husband Steve of Gainesville, Texas; one son, Bill Lubbers and his wife Mary of Sherman, Texas; five grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren and numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews. 11/12/10

Willies Ballou and his wife Cathye now have their first grandson, Gabriel Stephen Ballou was born at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Gabriel weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce at birth and was 20 inches long, James and Claudia Ballou are the proud parents and the equally as proud older sister is Arianna. The newly expanded family lives in Olympia which is in the Universal City area just northeast of San Antonio. 11/10/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, November 8, 1950, T. F. Aston, former Sherman mayor, is just one Sherman veteran of World War I who wonders why Armistice Day is no longer celebrated. The answer is that Sherman has made one Memorial Day for all wars, still the former mayor and his buddies don't quite get the idea. Extra note-T. F. Aston was a cousin to Susannah (Aston) Crosthwaite's father R. B. Aston, T. F. Aston passed away in November of 1961 and R. B. Aston passed away in September of 1981. Armistice Day officially commemorates the armistice signed between the allies of World War I and Germany at Compiegne France for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, this took place at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. November 11th is now known in the United States as Veteran's Day and it now honors all our military veterans, in other parts of the world November 11th may still be called Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. The purpose of the holiday is sometimes confused with Memorial Day which occurs the last Monday in May and honors members of our nation's military who have died in all wars. 11/8/10

A special section in today's Herald Democrat told about the latest book in the "Telling Our Stories" series, this series of now ten books feature the works of local writers. Mike Nurre's mother is one the local authors that will have a story in this latest book titled "Twenty Years of Telling Our Stories," Jerre's story is titled "The Birth of A Book" which is about what all was involved in putting together a book she wrote that tells the experiences she and her two sisters had growing up in a three generation family during the 30's on the outskirts of the city of Dallas. Their house was always referred to as "The Umphress Place" so she used that as the book's title. Jerre has been involved in the "Telling Our Stories" writing program at Austin College almost since its beginning and she has had a story published in most of the ten books that have been written since the program began in 1990, Mike's dad Ted has also entered stories in the writing contests. This latest book and the others, except for Volume One which is out of print, in the "Telling Our Stories" series can be purchased in the offices of the Herald Democrat in Sherman. For more information about the "Telling Our Stories" program go to the 5/21/08 entry in this section of our website. 11/7/10

After being in the investment business for thirty six years of which the last eight have been with the Edwards Jones investment company, Joyce (Hartwig) Murter of Sherman has retired as of October 22, 2010. She said that for right now there are no plans other than doing things with some family members but she figures she will find plenty to keep her busy once she gets accustomed to the fact that she no longer has to be at work five days a week. 11/3/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, October 29, 1960, the scoreboard at Bearcat Stadium reflected the good news to Sherman grid fans. The Bearcats beat mighty Highland Park after ten years of waiting. Extra note-For many years Garland and Highland Park were two of our main rivals, except for Denison there are no more long time rivalries for the Bearcats as the districts are now realigned every two years. On September 10th of this year, Sherman once again played Highland Park after not playing them since October of 1999. Sherman came up on the losing end this time but only by one point and Highland Park was ranked #6 in the state at the time. In that Sherman vs. Highland Park game our Sophomore year Sherman beat Highland Park 21-20, they came back the next year and beat us 22-12 and then our Senior year we beat them 12-6. The Sherman Bearcats were district 7-AAAA champs our Senior year, we also beat Denison that year 20-0. Last weekend, after three years of losses Sherman took the ax back from Denison when they defeated the Yellowjacket 39-0. Sherman leads in what may be Texas' oldest football rivalry with 66 wins, Denison has won 38 times, and their have been eight ties. Sherman also holds the record for the most lopsided victories as they defeated Denison 71-0 in 1915, 78-0 in 1925, and 61-0 in 1935. For this season's Bearcats' record, check out the "Football Schedule/Scores" section of this website. 10/29/10

Dianne (Keesee) Williams and her husband John are back home in Bedford, Texas after their recent annual trip to upstate New York to visit John's mother and other family members and friends. Anyone that has either been to or seen a picture of the beautiful Thousand Islands area can attest to the fact that it is indeed scenic, John refers to it as "God's Country" and it is easy to see and appreciate the beauty of God's work when there. The area is really pretty in pictures but it must be even more so when actually being there to see it in person. Dianne and John took a train ride aboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, this is a good way to see some of the hidden treasures of the Adirondack Mountains. Most people do not know that Adirondack Park in upstate New York is larger than any one of the seven smallest states in the United States. In fact the Adirondack Park is the largest park and wilderness area in the United States outside of Alaska. It is bigger than the Grand Canyon, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Yellowstone combined. John and Dianne drove into Canada a couple of times and got to visit the interesting cities of Brockville, Gananoque, Kingston, and the capital city of Ottawa. Canada is unusual in that Ottawa is the national capital, there are ten provincial capital cities, and three territorial capital cities. John and Dianne got to see and do many interesting things while on their annual visit to upstate New York and Canada but the best part was John being there to help his mother celebrate her 89th birthday. 10/25/10

Several activities were held this past weekend in Denison in honor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's 120th birthday which was October 14th, military veterans were a big part of the celebration. Gary Park is to be commended for participating in as many of our area's veteran's activities as he does but prior commitments kept him from attending these celebrations. A special Eisenhower commemorative postage stamp was unveiled at the Denison Post Office, Ike's stew was served at his birthplace, a parade was held downtown, and a WWII reenactment camp was also set up downtown so there were plenty of things to do for everyone who attended. In February of 2011, a dedication will be held at the entrance to Loy Lake Park for the bust of former President and Five Star General Eisenhower which will act as the centerpiece for the new Eisenhower Veteran's Monument. Bricks are being sold to be placed at the monument site, these bricks can either be in honor of a family member or friend who is currently serving or has served in our nation's military or in memory of a deceased veteran. This is a very good way to honor area members of our nation's military, most of us do not truly realize the sacrifices that the member's of our nation's military make everyday to keep our nation safe for all of us. For more information on how to donate a brick, go to or 10/20/10

Sam and Bettye Mullins’ son, Joshua, was married to Megan Baker of Lake Dallas, TX on Monday, October 11, 2010 aboard the cruise ship Ecstasy prior to a cruise to the Western Caribbean. After the cruise the happy couple will be at home in Sherman. Sam and Bettye, as well as 29 other family and friends of the bride and groom went with Josh and Megan on the cruise which was an adventure in itself. The ship was supposed to go to Progresso and Cozumel Mexico but due to Hurricane Paula the ship was diverted to Veracruz for the only port of call on the cruise. This allowed everyone on board and additional “day at sea” instead of making another port. 10/18/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, October 17, 1960, Four Sherman hunters are back from Wyoming where they each shot an antelope, an elk, and a mule deer. They are Lloyd Green, Glenn Jaco, C. M. McDonald, and Roy Thompson. Extra note-Terry Green's dad, Lloyd Green, was an avid hunter and fisherman and a well known homebuilder for 45 years in Sherman, he passed away in February of 1998. 10/17/10

Stanley Blythe and his wife Diane finally have a grandson, after six granddaughters Christian Lewis Blythe was born June 1, 2010 and weighed 9 pounds and 6 ounces at birth. The parents are Michael and Jenny Blythe and the big sister is three year old Ellie, the happy family lives in North Richland Hills, Texas. Like some of our other classmates, Stan and Diane spend quite a bit of their spare time traveling as they were in Paris, France in May, in the Summer they visited with family in Cincinnati, Ohio, and they just recently returned home to Colleyville, Texas from a week long fishing trip to Branson, Missouri. 10/15/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, October 11, 1970, The Sherman School Board reversed its no smoking policy for Sherman High School students by adopting a new policy which allows on campus smoking if the principal and parents approve. Extra note-This seems like a rule which should've stayed in effect, it is probably mighty tame though compared to what long time rules may have been dropped since we were in school. As kids, naturally we thought the rules were too strict but we never suffered any ill effects of living under the rules we had back then including the paddling's which are now banned. it seems that with each generation the rules are more and more lenient and that's true for students as well as for teachers. We heard that in our parent's days in many schools women teachers could not be married, well some rules are just ridiculous. 10/11/10

Alton Bowman and his wife Sweety now have their second granddaughter, Esme Caitlin Thomas weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces and was 22" long at her birth on May 11, 2010. The parents are Alton and Sweety's daughter Ada Rachelle Thomas and her husband Gary Thomas, the happy couple lives in Broomfield, Colorado. Alton recently finished restoring 34 additional pieces of furniture from the historic home of President Lyndon Johnson in Johnson City, Texas, these additional pieces were mostly from Lady Bird's bedroom and study. Alton was awarded the contract to restore all the furnishings in LBJ's home in Johnson City, Texas, this now completes what was a two year long project. Alton says one of the jets used during LBJ's presidency also will soon be on display at the LBJ Ranch. For more about Alton and his work at the LBJ Ranch, go to the 1/10/10 entry in this section of our website. 10/9/10

Stellagene (Teague) Shelton just returned back home to Sherman from a short vacation with three friends, they met in Raleigh, North Carolina before heading south to tour the very historic town of Savannah, Georgia. They didn't know it but the four friends felt lucky as they arrived in Savannah during Oktoberfest. The original Oktoberfest which was in Munich, Germany in 1810 started out as a five-day wedding party, many of the sights and sounds of Savannah's Oktoberfest remain true to those German traditions that began two centuries ago. After enjoying Oktoberfest plus seeing some of the beautiful restored homes of Savannah, Stellagene and her friends headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina where they had rented a condo. They also took a side trip to Charleston, South Carolina where they toured the Middleton Home which belonged to Arthur Middleton who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, it is one of the few historic Colonial homes in the nation that is furnished entirely with family furnishings and art work as many are furnished with period pieces on loan and not original to the homes. The very beautiful grounds of the Middleton Home are America's oldest landscaped gardens, you can find more information at After some fun days of sightseeing and eating some wonderful food, Stellagene is now back at work but ready for another fun adventure. 10/8/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, October 6, 1960, Fant Milling Company helps to pass the biscuit, millions of them throughout Texas and Louisiana. Along with the biscuits go cakes and pies and other foods the homemaker bakes in her own kitchen. Family flour is the lead product of this 47-year old feed mill which carries a gladiola spray as its emblem. Extra note-There is some interesting trivia about Beverly (Fant) Whiddon's family's business in the September 25, 2009 entry in this section of our website, the movie mentioned in that entry played early last Wednesday morning on the classic movie channel TCM. The town of Sherman is mentioned at least a couple of times in that award winning movie which starred Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. Beverly and her husband Don have lived in Tallahassee, Florida for many years but travel to their vacation home in Callaway Gardens/Pine Mountain, Georgia just as often as their schedule allows. It's a coincidence that this bit of trivia ran in our paper so close to Beverly's birthday which was yesterday. 10/6/10

The relocated Perrin Air Force Base Museum had their grand opening this past Saturday morning, the brand new building with the blue roof is located at 436 McCullum Avenue which is just a little west and to the left of what used to be the main entrance to Perrin Field. Several very dedicated Air Force Veterans, including Mike Nurre's dad Ted, and some private citizens were instrumental in getting the new building built and all the artifacts moved. The museum started out to just house items related to Perrin Air Force Base but now includes items related to all branches of our nation's military. The new building is about one and a half times the size of the building at the former location and without seeing what all is inside, it's hard to imagine just how many things there can be and the hours it must have taken just getting them all together. Perrin was a great part of our county's history for many years, when you visit the museum you will have a deeper appreciation for not only what those who served at Perrin did but also for what all the members of our nation's military actually do in keeping our country safe. Be sure to thank the museum volunteers when you see them, they've done an outstanding job. We have a link to the Perrin Air Force Base Museum in the link's section of this website. 10/5/10

Arthur Lee Christian passed away on Friday, October 1, 2010 at his home in Denison, Texas. Dannel Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Funeral services will be held at 1:00 p. m. on Monday, October 4, 2010 at Faith Assembly of God in Denison, Texas with Reverend Sammy Stephenson officiating, burial will follow at Georgetown Cemetery just north of Pottsboro. Arthur Lee served in the United States Army and was in the auto paint and body repair business most of his life. His survivors are: his wife, Robin Christian of Denison, Texas; four daughters, Beverly Christian of Leonard, Texas, Neva Christian of Fort Worth, Texas, Stormy Cook of Dallas, Texas, and Theresa Johnson of Fort Worth, Texas; four sons, Arthur Lee Christian, Jr. of Madera, California, Gary Christian of McKinney, Texas, James Walter Christian of Joshua, Texas, and Jerry Ray Bobo of Denison, Texas; one brother, Fred Christian; two sisters, Barbara Sanders and Lillian Christian; nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. 10/3/10

Stellagene (Teague) Shelton's grandson, Dylan David Jensen of Sherman, and Ashley Machelle Rickerson were wed September 17, 2010 at Parkside Baptist Church in Denison with Reverend Chet Haney officiating. Dylan is the son of Stellagene's daughter Joahanna and Ricky Bradfield and the late Gary Jensen, all of Sherman, he is a 2009 graduate of Sherman High School and is employed at Panera Bread. Ashlye is the daughter of Jerry and Gwen Henderson of Denison and Darrell and Machelle Rickerson of Sherman, she is also a 2009 graduate of Sherman High School and is employed at Tyson Foods. A reception in the church fellowship hall followed the wedding, the newlyweds will be at home in Sherman after a trip to San Antonio. 10/3/10

Cathy (Hamilton) Bradburry and her husband Bill recently took another of what they refer to as "Memory Trips," this one took just over three weeks and covered 5,000 miles and 20 different states as far north as New York plus Washington D. C. was also included in this trip. Cathy and Bill used to live in St. Joseph, Missouri when they first married so Magoon's Famous Delicatessen which used to be one of their regular eating places and is known for their Reuben Sandwiches had to be a stop on this adventure, Magoon's recently reopened after the death of the original owner and a change in ownership but it is almost as popular now as before. Cathy said that Magoon's has quite an interesting history and has served many famous people from the entertainment, political, and sport's worlds. Cathy has fond memories of many Winters in St. Joseph where the water in the pond in the city park froze up to four inches thick and people ice skated on it, that sounds more like what you would expect in Alaska. Cathy says she and Bill really enjoyed their trip but she now has plenty to do to keep both of them busy back home in Florida for a while. She also said that the next trip she and Bill will take could be in the airplane he has been working on for several years as it is nearing completion, maybe that trip will be back to Sherman for one of our reunions or mini-reunions. 10/2/10

Daryl Talbot was one of the professional cartoonists that attended a special opening exhibition night event which spotlighted cartoonists from Oklahoma, this occurred in June at the Oklahoma History Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with around 300 people in attendance. The special event was covered in the July issue of the magazine "Distinctly Oklahoma," lots of good photos accompanied the story including one of Daryl in his traditional cowboy hat. Daryl had been recorded in an interview that was part of the exhibit, PBS covered the event so it might show up on the PBS television stations sometime in the next few months. To see more about Daryl and some samples of his cartoons, go to the links section of this website. The 11/24/09 entry in this section of our website tells about his latest book of cartoons. 10/1/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, September 29, 1960, For the first time in several years, St. Joseph's Academy will have a junior high football team. The probable starting lineup is as follows: Center, John Dent; ends, Jerry Leher and Robert Patton; fullback, Richard Scoggins; guards, Charles Lockhart and Paul Strohm; halfbacks, Ricky King and Jack Krause; quarterback, John Pippard; and tackles, Paul Hendrick and Steve Yarborough. Linebacker Bobby Adlof will start on defense. Extra note-John Pippard lived for many years in Plano, Texas, he and his wife Jan Taylor Pippard (SHS Class of '66) now live in Allen, Texas which is just north on Highway 75 between Plano and McKinney. 9/29/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, September 28, 1950 A modern new department store, tailored to the customer's convenience, will become a part of Sherman's business community when Price's opens. The three Price brothers, Jack, Joe, and Maurice, who are the owners and operators of the store, will each manage individual departments. Extra note-Price's was one of the most popular stores in downtown Sherman in the 50's and 60's before it closed in the early 70's. Marie Fulenwider, Nell Hensley, and Margaret Portman, Marilyn's, Larry's and Billy Jack's mothers all worked at Price's Department Store. Sherman is like a lot of cities and towns throughout our country where the main shopping areas have moved away from the downtowns to nearer the highways and interstates, our downtown like many others look quite different now than it did when we were in school. In many towns family owned restaurants and stores are being replaced by ones that are owned by large chains, sadly this takes away from one of the qualities that used to make many towns distinctive.
 Forty Years Ago, September 28, 1970, Sherman Citizens' Good Government League honored three men for their service on the Sherman City Council and the Sherman School Board. They are Glen Duncan, Dr. D. A. McCall, and Dr. David Wells. Extra note- Karen (McCall) Penrod's father, Dr. D. A. McCall, was a well known and well respected Sherman civic leader and optometrist for many years; he passed away in February of 1984.

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, September 26, 1970, The new Sher-Den Mall shopping center claims a first for the state of Texas. It is the only one in the state which is producing its own electricity to serve its tenants, it uses a system that is capable of producing enough electricity for a town of 800 to 900 people. Extra note-Jerry Hunter owned a piano and organ store that used to be located just inside the main entrance to Sher-Den Mall, his store was in business there from 1974 to 1985. Jerry's daughter Beth played songs for us on a very fine Lowrey MX-1 Organ at our Christmas Reunion in December of 1982, the sound was magnificent and Beth did a great job of playing many of our favorite songs. For those of you that remember Sherman from years ago, the north end of the Sher-Den Mall was located right where the Perrin Drive-In Theater used to be. The Sher-Den Mall was replaced by Midway Mall which is around a mile or two north on Texoma Parkway (our Highway 75,) Midway Mall has recently undergone a change in ownership and hopefully a revitalization of that mall will soon be under way. One of the nice things about the Sher-Den Mall was that you could park in one place and go to any or all of the stores while staying out of the weather and without having to move your car, Midway Mall is built that same way. Many of the new shopping centers throughout our country are quite different as evidenced by our Sherman Town Center and Woodmont Shopping Centers located opposite each other just north of where Highways 75 and 82 intersect. The distance is over half a mile from one end of the Sherman Town Center Shopping Center to the other and all the restaurants and stores have outside entrances, that's one of the reasons many people prefer the old style malls but that's just not the trend right now. 9/26/10

On June 30, 2010 Mike Nurre's two and a half year term as president of the Austin College Alumni Board ended, he is now officially an Emeritus Board Member. Mike accomplished many things while serving as the board's president, some of which are told about at different times in this section of our website. Maybe the most noteworthy accomplishment Mike was involved in was the very extensive and time consuming selection process that resulted in the eventual inauguration of Austin College's first female President, Dr. Marjorie Hass. After his presidential duties ended, Mike treated himself to a two week tour of Spain and Portugal where he saw many interesting sites. He says he can now never again sing "Well, I've never been to Spain but I kinda like the music," which is the opening line to Three Dog Night's giant hit of "Never Been To Spain," that classic song was written by country singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton. Hoyt's mother, Mae Axton, was a co-writer of Heartbreak Hotel which was the first single for Elvis Presley on the RCA record label. Another odd fact is that Elvis also recorded "Never Been To Spain," it may be the only time in music history where a major hit song which was written by a son and another major hit song written by his mother were both recorded by the same singer. 9/25/10

Bennie (Bowen) Stoy and her husband Hubert recently welcomed the arrival of their second grandchild. Leah Grace Stoy was born at St. John Hospital in Nassau Bay, Texas on September 22, 2010, Leah weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces at birth. The proud parents are Kent and Cheryl Stoy of League City, Texas, Hannah Corinne Stoy is her excited older sister. Bennie and Hubert haven't been to see the new grandbaby yet but they will be going very soon. 9/24/10

Robert Oberdorf's sister, Barbara Anne Sweeney of San Antonio, Texas passed away on Thursday, September 16, 2010. Memorial services will be held at 7:30 p. m. on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at Gateway Baptist Church in San Antonio under the direction of Meadowlawn Crematory and American Mortuary. Barbara was a 1973 graduate of South San Antonio High School, she had worked as a CNA (Certified Nurse's Aide.) Her survivors are: one brother, Robert Erwin Oberdorf, Jr. of San Antonio, Texas; her sister-in-law, Martha Rodriquez of San Antonio, Texas; and two nephews, Hans August Oberdorf and Robert Erwin Oberdorf, III both of San Antonio, Texas. 9/23/10

Jerry and Karen McAlister have a new reason to leave their home in McAllen, Texas and return more often back to Grayson County, the reason is the recent birth of their second granddaughter. Paxtyn Faye Graves who tipped the scales at seven pounds and eleven ounces was born at Texas Health Presbyterian/WNJ in Sherman, Texas on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, the proud parents are Tim and Stacia Graves of Gunter, Texas. Jerry and Karen already have some gifts ready for the new baby when they decide to travel this direction, we figure it won't be too long. 9/22/10

We just learned of the death of Eddie (Edgar Ray) Self of Calipatria, California, he passed away May 30, 2010. His funeral service was held on June 5, 2010 at St. Patrick's Church in Calipatria, burial followed at Riverview Cemetery in Brawley, California. Eddie was retired from Calipatria High School where he served for 35 years in many capacities including teacher, coach (baseball, football, softball, swimming, and volleyball), athletic director, Vice Principal, Interim Principal, and school board member. In retirement, some of Eddie's proudest moments were the ones he spent with his grandsons and other family members whether it involved a sporting activity or just a family visit. Eddie was an active member of the American Legion and St. Patrick's Church, he served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Chicago (CG 11) during the Vietnam War. Eddie's survivors are: his mother, Oneita Self of El Centro, California; his wife of thirty five years, Martha Self of Calipatria, California; two sons, Brandon Self and his wife Linda of Brawley, California and Edgar Self, Jr. and his wife Claudia of Calipatria, California; one brother, John Self and his wife Dian of San Diego, California; three sisters, Sandra Cooper and her husband Byron of Yuma, Arizona, Sue Watkins of Pine City, New York, and Wyna Gilbert and her husband John of Stevensville, Maryland; four grandchildren, Austin, Edgar, Gabriel, and Matthew; and numerous nieces and nephews. 9/16/10

Gary Park was one of the representatives of the local chapter of the Vietnam Veteran's of America who along with several members of the Air Chapel Network were pictured in today's edition of the Herald Democrat presenting the Perrin Air Chapel with an official Texas flag. The Air Chapel is located adjacent to the Juvenile Detention Center not too far from what used to be the main entrance at Perrin Air Force Base. The VVA recently joined forces with the Air Chapel volunteers to work with the youth at the JDC in getting the troubled youth back on the right path, it seems to be a partnership that will really do some good. Charles Holcomb, president of the VVA's Chapter 973 said "We represent and communicate the importance of faith, high social standards, and hope. By partnering with the Air Chapel, we hope to help influence the youth at the Juvenile Detention Center." More information about both of these very worthwhile organizations can be found by checking out their websites at and 9/6/10

From the "Looking Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, August 27, 1957, Earl Wiggins was selected as the Optimist "Boy of the Month." Extra note-Like some of our other classmates have done, Earl lived for several years in the DFW Metroplex but now is living back in Sherman so there must be a lot of truth to the old saying "There's no place like home." 8/27/10

Cathy (Hamilton) Bradburry and her husband Bill's son Chris and his wife Margot and their two children, Rachel Elizabeth and Ryan Allen, just returned to their home in Amarillo, Texas after a week's vacation in Hawaii. Their other son Daniel and his wife Jennifer Harris Bradburry recently bought a house in McKinney, Texas, they both work in the adjuster part of the insurance industry. Chris and Daniel chose to remain in Texas but Cathy and Bill are now residents of Florida after living near Garland for many years. Cathy says she and Bill have been able to see quite a few spacecraft from Kennedy Space Center fly over where they now live, maybe that had something to do with inspiring Bill into what is definitely an unusual hobby. The unusual hobby that most likely takes quite a bit of Bill's spare time and probably a lot of his patience is building an airplane. Hopefully, when he completes the project, he and Cathy will be able to fly here sometime for one of our reunions or mini-reunions. 8/21/10

Peggy Joyce (Massegee) Jackson of Deming, New Mexico passed away on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 in Deming where she and Barrett had moved after living in La Sal, Utah for many years. Her survivors are: her husband of twenty years, Barrett Jackson of Deming, New Mexico; three daughters, Leah Hogan Judkins of Howe, Texas, Leslie Diann Judkins of Phoenix, Arizona, and Rhonda Carol Stone of Van Alstyne, Texas; her mother, Joyce (Joy) Massegee of Duncan, Oklahoma; one brother, Winford (Tex) Massegee and his wife Jacque of Duncan, Oklahoma; two sisters, Della Combest and her husband Albert (Ab) of Purcell, Oklahoma and Sharon Harlow and her husband Clarence (Rocky) of Denton, Texas; fourteen grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. 8/16/10

Anne (Biggerstaff) Alexander's father, Grover Benton Biggerstaff of Sherman, Texas, passed away Wednesday, August 11, 2010. His memorial service will be held at 1:00 p. m. on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at Western Heights Church of Christ in Sherman, officiating will be Rusty Sherry. Grover served in World War II as a member of the Army Counter Intelligence Corps. He worked for Fant Milling Company for many years before going to work for the MKT Railroad where he worked until his retirement. Grover's survivors are: his wife, Dora; his daughter, Anne Alexander of Arlington, Texas; and eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. 8/12/10

Another classmate who recently returned from Colorado is Gwynn (Crowson) Getto, she and her husband Jim are back home in Mesquite, Texas after their annual Summer trip to Colorado to visit Jim's dad and other family members and friends who live in the popular and scenic vacation state. Gwynn says that with the beautiful scenery, horseback riding, and tubing on the river they never lack for something to do. This trip proved just as enjoyable as the ones before and they are already looking forward to their next Colorado trip. 8/6/10

Ed Vaught and his longtime friend Ferrell Carroll (SHS Class of '61) have made annual week long trips to Colorado for many years, they just recently returned from another. This time they went to Pagosa Springs which is at an altitude of 7,000 feet with a very scenic small town community feel and more than 300 annual days of sunshine. Colorado has so many scenic areas with plenty of things to do, Ed and Ferrell probably have a time deciding just which place to visit next. Accompanying Ed and Ferrell on their week long journey were Ed's son in law and his wife and two other friends, Ed's wife Ann stayed behind this trip. 8/4/10

Glenn Hailey let us know that although July was a very busy month for all his family, it was a very enjoyable kind of busy. His whole family, except for one son in law who had to remain in Boston to work, got together in Memphis for the July 4th Holiday. Glenn and Marie have three daughters, two son in laws, and five grandchildren so it's not that often that they can all get together. Glenn and Marie spent some of the latter part of the month with some of the family members at their weekend home in Heber Springs, Arkansas where they enjoyed boating and fishing on the Little Red River. They also got to attend a rodeo which was especially enjoyable for the grandkids. It won't be too long before the grandkids will be back in school but their visits always provide Glenn and Marie with many good memories.

From the "Looking Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, July 27, 1970, Three civilians at Perrin Air Force Base were awarded certificates for nearly a century of service. Jack Akard, Veneble L. Hammonds, Sr., and Mrs. Fern House were each honored for completing thirty years employment with the Federal Government. Extra note-Ven Hammonds' dad was just one of our classmate's parents who were affiliated with Perrin Air Force Base, either as a civilian employee or as a member of the Air Force. Grayson County, Grayson College, and also private industry have all made good use of the former base since its closing in 1970. The tremendous work done by the dedicated volunteers at the Perrin Air Force Base Museum assure that Perrin will not be forgotten, in fact a new and expanded museum is now being readied and it should be open in the not too distant future. There is a link to the Perrin Museum in the link's section of this website, go to the 7/2/10 entry in this section of our website for other recent news about Ven. 7/27/10

Jerry McAlister is now back in Texas after living in Georgia for two years, he and Karen now live in the Rio Grande Valley town of McAllen which they really seem to be enjoying. Jerry is still playing tennis regularly, in fact his tennis team in Georgia won the state championship for their age division two years in a row. Jerry is now retired from being an insurance adjuster plus he is also retired from his airline salvage metal business and his helicopter parts business so he wanted something else to do to occupy his now extra spare time. Like many of us who grew up in the 50's and 60's, Jerry has a love for anything to do with old cars whether it be customizing, restoring to original, or just driving for enjoyment. He recently bought a fully customized 1951 Mercury so he and Karen now spend a lot of their spare time going to car shows and drive ins, there is a gathering of old car enthusiasts somewhere in the Valley every weekend so there's always somewhere to go. Also, Jerry says there are a great number of very authentic and very good Mexican food restaurants from which to choose when the hunger pains strike. 7/21/10

Gary Park, his brother Jerry, and twelve other members of the Red River Valley Chapter of the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) traveled to the capital city of Topeka, Kansas last weekend for the 35th annual International MVPA Convention. Gary said that more attention is now being focused on displays that show the vehicles in their true historical context than there used to be. In fact, some of the displays were even complete with sound effects. By having more detailed displays with realistic looking scenes around the many different types of military vehicles being shown at the convention, it's easier to see and understand the true sacrifices the soldiers made. Of course, the MVPA is mainly about the vehicles but it's ALSO about honoring and remembering all the soldiers who drove them. The Topeka Expocentre with approximately 50,000 square feet of display space proved to be an ideal location for this annual event. The 2011 MVPA International Convention will be August 4-6 in Dayton, Ohio. Remember to honor all the members of our nation's military whenever you can, they make much greater sacrifices for ALL of us than most of us really ever think about. 7/15/10

Kenneth Farrington's mother, Maudie Farrington, passed away on Saturday, July 10, 2010 at Hilltop Haven Nursing Center in Gunter, Texas. Services will be held at 2:00 p. m. on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at the First Baptist Church in Collinsville with Rev. Jerry Davis officiating under the direction of Meador Funeral Home of Whitesboro, burial will follow in Collinsville Cemetery. Maudie was a homemaker, an avid flower grower, and a member of the First Baptist Church of Collinsville. Her survivors include: her daughter, Barbara Renfro and her husband Jerry of Sherman; her son, Kenneth Farrington and his wife Wilma of Gainesville; six grandchildren; and numerous great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. 7/12/10

From the "Looking Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, July 9, 1960, Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church will soon give way to a new brick structure, the last services in the old church will be held Sunday. Extra note-Jack Minter's father John was Grand Avenue's pastor during this time, John passed away in September of 1987 and his widow Elizabeth passed away in June of 2009. Had we known earlier, Elizabeth's obituary notice would have been in this section of our website. Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church's Minter Fellowship Hall is named for the popular and well respected Rev. John P. Minter who served as pastor there from 1954-1964. Jack Minter has lived in San Antonio, Texas for many years. 7/9/10

From the "Looking Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Twenty Years Ago, July 2, 1990, U. S. Air Force Colonel Veneble L. Hammonds, Jr., a Sherman native, was named commander of the 60th Combat Support Group at Travis Air Force Base in California. Extra note-Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area and known as the "Gateway to the Pacific," Travis Air Force Base handles more cargo and passenger traffic through its airport than any other military air terminal in the United States. Travis Air Force Base is also home of the Jimmy Doolittle Air & Space Museum which is one of the largest collections of military aircraft on the west coast. Ven was base commander at Travis from June 1990 to June 1992, he got to see a lot of the world as he was stationed many places during his 30 year career with the Air Force. Some of those places are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, the Azores, California (twice), Illinois, Thailand, Vietnam, Washington, D. C. (twice), and Washington State. Ven and Dianne's retirement move back to Sherman in 1993 was the 16th move he and Dianne had made together in their 26 years of marriage at the time. We're glad that Ven and Dianne chose to retire here and for our other classmates that have done the same, especially those that had previously been away for many years. It is true that there's just no place like home. 7/2/10

Thomas Michael "Mike" Shipp, 64, of Sherman passed away Wednesday, June, 30, 2010. Graveside services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 2010 at Rose Hill Cemetery in Bells conducted by Reverend Lowell Howard of the Cowboy Church of Savoy under the direction of the Mullican-Little Funeral Home in Bells, Texas. He served as a SSgt. in the U.S. Air Force at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, Okla. He married Linda Mae King in February of 1975 and returned to Sherman to work for the Tom Shipp Co. He later worked for Love Monument Co., owned and operated Concrete and Steel and worked for the Fishel Co. until his retirement in 2005. Surviving are his wife; daughter, Suzanne Michail (Shipp) Adkins and husband Steve of East Post Oak, TX; sons, Thomas (Tommy) Newton Shipp III, Jacob Jeremiah Shipp and Joshua Caleb Shipp, all of Sherman; grandchildren, Tessa and Cheyenne Shipp, Maci and Dyllon Adkins and Michael Shipp; brother, Gary Wayne Shipp and wife, Barbara of The Colony; sister, Gwendolyn Foster; and six nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his mother; father; and stepfather, Larry Martin Simpson. 7/2/10

Tom Hughes sent a note saying he enjoyed reading the "Roses & Thorns" 4/22/10 entry about Anderson Clayton and Warren LeRuth, it brought back a lot of good memories for him as his father also worked at Anderson Clayton before they left Sherman and moved to Louisiana. He told about his dad winning an air conditioner in a "name the product" contest that was being held to come up with a name for a new salad dressing that was being developed at the time, Capri was the winning name that his father suggested. It has been said that whenever someone from Sherman was eating at Warren's award winning restaurant just outside New Orleans they would receive special treatment, Tom confirmed that fact as he, his wife, and his parents ate there and visited with Warren in the late 70's. Four and a half years ago Tom sent an e-mail telling how much he enjoys checking out our website and recalling some of the many fond memories he has of Sherman and our "good old days" even though he moved away in 1958. We appreciate the fact that Tom keeps up with us through our website and that he still thinks of Sherman as his hometown even though he moved from here over fifty years ago. Tom now lives in Chesterfield, Missouri which isn't all that far away so we hope he will be able to return to Sherman to attend a regular reunion or one of our mini-reunions in the near future. Larry Hodge is another classmate who moved away before graduation but keeps up with us through our website, he is not too far away either as he is the Fire Chief in Round Rock, Texas so hopefully he will also be able to attend one of our activities in the near future. Interesting news about Larry can be found by going to the 8/2/07 entry in this section of our website.  6/27/10

Willies Ballou and his wife Cathye have two new additions to the family, their son James got married Saturday, June 19, 2010 at the Our Lady of Perpetual Hope Catholic Church in Selma, Texas. James' bride is Claudia Martinez from Live Oak, Texas, she has a three year old daughter named Arianna from a previous marriage whom James has adopted so Willies and Cathye are now grandparents for the first time. James works for Federal Express in San Antonio, the newlyweds are honeymooning in Orlando, Florida but will live in Olympia (Universal City) just out of San Antonio when they return. Willies and Cathye are very happy and proud of their son, their new daughter in law, and of course their new granddaughter.  6/23/10

Ronald Haker and his wife Jan will soon be leaving for Chimala, Tanzania for another six week "Let's Start Talking" project, they will be representing their home church which is Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas. LST is a ministry that recruits and trains teams of people all over the world to learn and practice conversational English through Bible study, Ron and Jan are to be commended for the time and dedication they give to this life changing and very worthwhile project. Not only have Ron and Jan been to some very interesting destinations, they have made some lifelong friends because of their work. Some of the people Ron and Jan help have never held a Bible until they became a recipient of the LST Ministry, the rewards are many anytime you can bring a non believer to accept Christ. Ron says a lot of the people are so eager to learn that they feel really bad and apologize repeatedly if they show up even two minutes late for their reading session. For more about Ron and Jan's very special project, go to the 2/24/09 entry in this section of our website or check out  6/19/10

Manuel Freire and his wife Esther recently returned to their home in Tucson, Arizona after a one month and 7,000 miles driving vacation through some parts of the southeastern United States. Being avid Dallas Cowboys fans, two of the first things Manuel and Esther did was take a tour of the new Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium in Arlington and buy a souvenir jersey. Manuel was born in San Antonio so that was the next stop on the trip, he spent five days there sightseeing and visiting with his two sisters Connie and Margarite who live there. The next stop on their journey was Covington, Louisiana where their youngest son Michael lives. Friends Jerry and Michael live in Valdosta, Georgia so that was another stop on the trip before heading to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Among Manuel's fishing catch in North Carolina were five bluefish, two stingrays, two small sand sharks, one flounder, and a small black drum. Manuel and Esther then returned to Covington, Louisiana and their son took them over to a beach in Mississippi where Manuel said he could smell the oil in the air. They also visited Pensacola, Florida and Manuel said the oil hadn't reached there yet. A return visit to San Antonio and more visiting with his sisters was done before Manuel and Esther started working their way back west. Manuel and Esther's next to the last stop in Texas was to Sherman where they drove around and recalled some memories, they also visited with David Hall before heading up to Oklahoma City and then to Amarillo, Texas where they once lived. They toured Albuquerque, New Mexico on the way back home and also the four corners area where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. Hatch, New Mexico is known for their chili festival so Manuel bought some of the famous chili there as he and Esther were ending their month long adventure. After returning to their home in Tucson, Manuel said they enjoyed every minute of their long trip and hope to do it again sometime.  6/15/10

The last couple of weeks proved to be a busy time for Gary Park, the Saturday before Memorial Day he joined with several other veterans in a special display of military vehicles at Clayton Homes on Texoma Parkway in Sherman. This activity was to support the "Soldier's Angels" organization which sends goodies and personal supplies to our troops overseas. Gary was also one of several veterans who placed flags on the markers at Ely Park that weekend, the park has markers to memorialize World War II veterans from Grayson County who lost their lives in action serving their country. In Denison's Memorial Day Parade Gary's Red River Valley MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) members had thirteen vehicles transporting various Veteran's groups including the Military Order of Purple Hearts and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 973. Out of approximately 60 different parade entries including cars, equestrian groups, floats, and various groups, the VVA Chapter 973 took home second place honors. Gary said the weather was very warm but seeing all the people come out to celebrate Memorial Day and to honor the memory of our nation's military veterans who lost their lives in service to our country made it all worthwhile. Gary has received a special "Outstanding Achievement Award" from the VVA Chapter 973 for all his work and support. Recently Gary also participated in a special flag retirement ceremony at the Amvets Post #47 in Sherman. Gary is to be commended for all the work he does on behalf of veterans and also in educating the general public about the sacrifices our nation's veterans make and have made for all of us.  6/15/10

From the "Looking Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, June 13, 1970, A Sherman native who hopes to make good in the country and western music field was back home with a freshly cut recording of his first efforts. He is Ronnie Giles, now an Abilene fireman, who plays and sings on a record released nationally under the Gateway label. Extra note-Ronnie also recorded "A Soldier's Letter" which he wrote and he was one of the co-writers on "Crazy Heart," these songs were released on the Peake label. Although no longer singing professionally, Ronnie was a professional entertainer for many years and could sing many types of music from the country twang of Ernest Tubb to the easy listening songs of Frank Sinatra and a lot in between. Unlike some singers, Ronnie didn't spend much time during his shows taking breaks but he sang as many songs as he could work into his allotted time on stage to give everyone in attendance the best show he could. Through the years he was the opening act for many different stars, two of which were Ricky Nelson and Conway Twitty. Ronnie performed in Sherman in September of 1989 in a much appreciated special mini-reunion show at the Sheraton Hotel, included in the almost four hours of show was an excellent Elvis tribute. Danny Coffey was master of ceremonies for Ronnie's special show after which he made Jack Griffin (DHS-Class of '63) an Honorary Bearcat. Those classmates who were lucky enough to see Ronnie perform wish he was still doing so, the classmates who did not get to see him sing missed a real treat.   6/13/10

Bennie (Bowen) Stoy and her husband Hubert enjoyed having visits from both their sons recently. Kent came in for a short visit from League City, Texas along with daughter Hannah. Cheryl, his wife who performs contract work for NASA, was back home working long hours and Kent had a few days off so he decided it was time for a trip home. Kent and Cheryl had just been in Florida at NASA's Kennedy Space Center to witness the launch of Atlantis STS-132 which was to be the final scheduled flight for Atlantis. This historic mission carried a crew of six to the International Space Station, it was the 34th space shuttle mission to the International Space Station and lasted just under twelve days. Shortly after Kent's departure, son Jeff arrived from Richmond, Virginia where he now lives. Bennie says she enjoys having her sons return home, it's just that too much time passes between their visits. For more interesting information about Bennie's daughter in law, go to the 9/12/09 entry in this section of our website.  6/11/10

We found out that Willies Ballou and his wife Cathye were invited to take a special cruise on Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas" cruise ship, this just happens to now be the World's largest cruise ship. This special test cruise was before the December 5, 2009 inaugural sailing date when it became available to the general public and joined the family of Royal Caribbean's other cruise ships, being a frequent cruise customer evidently does have some advantages. Willies says that although the ship is very large, it doesn't really seem that way because it has a very comfy feel as it is divided into seven different what Royal Caribbean calls "neighborhoods" with just about everything you really need in each section. Just from the waterline, this massive ship stands 213 feet tall and is 1,187 feet in length. Some of the amenities of this ship, aside from the usual items, are a jogging track, two rock climbing walls, and a zipline. This newest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet was built in Finland, the crew consists of 2,394 dedicated and well trained employees from 71 different countries. Willies and Cathye are taking the Summer off from cruising as their next cruise is not scheduled until September, they may go before then though if they just happen to come across a deal they can't pass up. When Willies and Cathye took their first cruise in 1988 as part of our twenty five year reunion activities, Mary (Sicks) Hotalling forgot to tell them that cruising could become habit forming but they sure know it now. Many of us still associate "cruising" with what we did on Friday and Saturday nights when we used to put in a couple of dollars worth of gas in our cars and circle A&M Steak House, Gordon's Old Fashioned Freeze, and the Patio Drive In before we sometimes went to Denison to "drag Main," it was similar to the weekend nights shown in the classic "American Graffiti" movie. Three of the actors from that movie were at Loy Lake Park a few years ago as part of the annual car show which is held there every Fall. Check out, if you decide to take a cruise sometime you might happen to come across Willies and Cathye just like Stanley Blythe and his wife Diane once did a few years ago.  6/9/10

Mike Nurre's dad, Ted Nurre, was featured in a front page story in this morning's Herald Democrat telling of his being honored this past Saturday for his service to his country and his community. Ted's wife Jerre and four of their six children were on hand to see Ted receive this well deserved honor. The special ceremony took place at the Perrin Air Force Base Museum which Ted helped to organize, the proclamation was read by retired Air Force Major General Patrick Halloran. Major General Halloran is a member of the museum's advisory board and now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he was the commander of the SR71 and U-2 Spy Plane operations during the Cold War. The interesting newspaper story told of various aspects of Ted's distinguished military career including the many missions he flew as a tail gunner on a B-17 during World War II. Both Ted and his wife Jerre have given a lot of their time in making Sherman a better place to live, there has been other news on our website about Ted and Jerre with the most recent being a 5/3/10 entry in this section. Mike's parents are a joy to know and to have as a part of the Sherman community, if Mike had hand picked them he could not have gotten any better parents than he did. Congratulations Ted on your very deserving award. By the way, the Perrin Museum will be moving to a new building and we will have information about that move when the new building is completed. One of our many links on this website is one about Perrin Field and the Perrin Air Force Base Museum, just scroll down the left hand column on our homepage to the links section. 6/7/10

A recent story in the Dallas Morning News probably caught the attention of some Sherman Bearcats from a few years ago, it told of the Campus Theater being named a Texas Historical Landmark. However, this one was the Campus Theater at 214 W. Hickory St. in Denton and not the Campus Drive-In Theater that we all remember east of Sherman on then Highway 82. Other local drive-in theaters we remember are the Perrin and the Twin City which Rickey Ritchie's parents operated, the hamburgers were really good at their snack bar. With the advent of many movies now available for rent to watch at home and several other factors, drive in theaters across the nation are not near as big a business today as they once were. The first drive in movie theater opened 77 years ago today in Camden, New Jersey. It has been reported that at one time 3,775 drive in theaters were in the United States, the exact number across the nation is now reported to be less than 400. Once Texas led the nation in the number of drive in theaters with approximately 400, now the number in Texas is down to less than two dozen. Those of us who grew up in the fifties and sixties have fond memories of drive in movies including carload nights, in car heaters, speakers on the stand, etc. In 1976 then Denison, Texas resident Lisa Lemole starred in a teenage themed movie appropriately named "Drive-In," the movie was actually filmed in Terrell, Texas. To read some interesting trivia about drive ins, check out and and one that has some interesting facts about both drive ins and walk ins is Walk in movie theaters have changed a great deal also but that's another story, our's all located downtown were the Plaza, the Ritz, the State, and the Texas. In fact, the same neon sign that hung for many years outside our Texas Theater at 112 E. Houston is now prominently displayed in the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin. You probably remember what that sign looks like but just in case you've forgotten, a picture of it is in the "Memories" section of this website. 6/6/10

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas which had its first run in 1981 just ended the 2010 season and Suzanne (Young) Welch is one of the event's most faithful visitors. The festival is historically based in the year 1533 under the reign of King Henry VIII. The village of Scarborough had a 45 day trading event for the tradesmen all over England, the traditional faire no longer exists. The Faire in Waxahachie has grown through the years to now be 35 acres in size with 21 stages, three jousting shows a day, and 150 mostly volunteer cast members that make up all the characters. Suzanne has attended every year except for that first one, so what brings her back to the Faire every year for 29 seasons? Could it be the opening line “Are You Going to Scarborough Faire, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” from the classic Simon & Garfunkel song "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme" that was in the hit movie "The Graduate?" Or maybe it is the wearing of period piece costumes, patchouli oil, and going back to a time that seems less complicated? Maybe it’s the awesome turkey legs, the fantastic Italian food, or the Scottish eggs? Suzanne thinks it may be that they finally got flushing toilets at the Faire. For more information about the festival, two of the websites you can check out are and 6/4/10

Rebecca (Hutt) Williams' mother, Lodene Fuller Hutt of Fort Worth, Texas, passed away on Monday, May 31, 2010. Graveside services will be held at 10:00 a. m. on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at West Hill Cemetery in Sherman under the direction of Dannel Funeral Home. Lodene was an office manager for thirty five years for the Sherman Coca-Cola Bottling Co. until her retirement in 1979. She was a charter member and past president of the Junior Tuesday Literary Club, treasurer of the Listener's Club, and an elder of Trinity Presbyterian Church. In January 1999 Lodene moved to Fort Worth to be closer to her family, there she was a member of Ridglea Presbyterian Church and a member of the Women's Circle. Lodene's survivors are: her daughter, Rebecca Hutt Williams and husband Don of Fort Worth, Texas; three granddaughters, Kim Williams of Benbrook, Texas, Laurie Robinette and husband Gary of Fort Worth, Texas, and Leah Sanderford and husband Max of Stephenville, Texas; and four great granddaughters, Bailey, Brooke, Mary Katherine, and Melissa. 6/2/10

From the "Looking Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, May 31, 1970, Jack Hall, president of the Sherman School Board, presented merit awards to Dr. D. A. McCall, Harry Robards, and Dr. David Wells, all retired members of the board. Extra note-Jack Hall is David Hall's uncle, Levis Hall who was David's father was also a former president of the Sherman School Board. Karen (McCall) Penrod's father, Dr. D. A. McCall, was also a former president of the Sherman School Board as well. 5/31/10

Carrell (Springfield) McCollum's daughter, Mallary Blair Pickens, was one of six area high school seniors to receive a Wilson N. Jones Auxiliary College Scholarship at recent ceremonies at the hospital. Mallary will be a 2010 graduate of Sherman High School and plans to become a nurse. Margie Wilhelm's sister, Virgie Carter, is a longtime member of the hospital auxiliary and assisted with the presentation as well as serving on the scholarship selection committee. More information about Margie's sister Virgie as well as a major change at WNJ can be found in the 5/1/10 entry in this section of our website. 5/30/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, May 28, 1950 Three adult members of a fishing party at Flowing Wells on Lake Texoma said "We think we saw a flying saucer." They were Thomas Medlin, James Points, and Jesse Points, all of Sherman. The fourth member was eight year old James Points, Jr. Extra note-Tommy Medlin was Bettye Medlin Mullins' father and Sam Mullins' father in law, he passed away in July of 1988. The debate as to whether flying saucers really exist will probably continue for years to come, the topic seemed to really thrive in the 50's when several science fiction movies dealt with flying saucers but there's not as much said about it now. An area long associated with UFO's is Roswell, New Mexico, an even lesser known fact is that Roswell  is also supposed to be the Dairy Capital of the World. You better hurry, the 2010 UFO Festival is only just over a month away. 5/28/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, May 26, 1950, With tears in our eyes, we witness the passing of another landmark in Sherman's field of education. The old Sherman Business College building in the 100 block of West Pecan has been purchased by Myer Shosid and Irvin Suckle and is being torn down. The Business College was founded in September 1897 by the late Prof. H. A. Ivy, business educator and advocate of civic righteousness. Its first home was upstairs over the old interurban station on the southeast corner of the square. In 1913 a two story brick structure was built on West Pecan, the school closed in 1937. Extra note-Irvin Suckle was Sharyn Suckle's father, he passed away in December of 1990. Sharyn's brother David commutes weekly to his family's business in Sherman, the unusual part is that he commutes from his home in Sausalito, California which is near San Francisco. David has done this for many years, no doubt he has earned plenty of frequent flyer miles. Since Sherman is the County Seat of Grayson County, it was once known as the "Athens of Texas" because of the many institutions of higher learning in the county. Austin College, founded in 1849, is the oldest institution of higher learning in Texas operating under its original charter. 5/26/10

Butch Ewing and his wife Mary of Muskogee, Oklahoma are proud new grandparents to 7 lb. 20" Aden Elizabeth Roach who was born on Wednesday, May 19, 2010. The proud parents are Kevin and Louann Roach, Emily Roach is the very proud older sister. Although the family now lives in Wapanucka, Oklahoma, we can say Aden Elizabeth is a Texan since she was born in Sherman at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ or Wilson N. Jones as we know it. 5/26/10

Our classes' "most traveled couple," Willies Ballou and his wife Cathye, recently returned from a very monumental thirty five days of cruising. They had an eighteen hour flight from DFW to Sydney, Australia with a change of planes in Los Angeles just to board the ship, after arriving in Sydney they were able to do a little bit of sightseeing before making their way to the ship for a seventeen day cruise going north. The earthquake in Chile had just happened so their plans were modified a little. This northern journey took them many interesting places and past many islands between Australia and the Indian Ocean, their "Rhapsody of the Seas" ship was the largest to ever go this way as the water was not very deep in places. Reaching Perth ended the first leg of this fabulous trip. Willies and Cathye were upgraded to the owner's suite for the second part of their long journey, being frequent and longtime cruisers does have advantages. The second part of their cruise took them through the southern part of Australia where they saw many animals, Cathye even got to pet a Koala Bear in Tasmania. Several places along both parts of their trip reminded them of places in the United States including Texas. Willies said one of the best parts of the trip was the friendliness of the people of New Zealand, the New Zealanders were quick to offer assistance if it was needed. Their trip ended back in Sydney just in time for the long flight back home. Willies said he enjoyed New Zealand more than Australia and he might go back again but not before he and Cathye compete a few more trips to different places. This write up had to be shortened for space reasons so it is not near as interesting and informative as Willies' better and more complete version of the trip, let us know if you want to read that one and it will be e-mailed to you. 5/24/10

Dianne (Keesee) Williams and her husband John are another couple who get to experience the babysitting business from time to time, this weekend they are at their daughter and son in law's home in Allen, Texas while the parents are in Washington, D. C. on a short business trip. It's been said that some people think babysitting for grandchildren is easier than raising your own children because you can turn them back over to their parents. John's company is one of the insurance underwriters for the Fort Worth Zoo so they were there yesterday for a special event before heading off to Allen for this weekend's babysitting duties. John is supposed to play in a golf tournament in Frisco, Texas on Monday, babysitting duties should end Tuesday night when the traveling parents return home.  5/22/10

Alton Bowman's son, Alton Bowman IV, graduated Cum Laude from the University of North Texas in Denton on May 15, 2010 with a major in French. Alton IV will be going to Paris soon to participate in a month long study program, he will then be returning to Denton in the Fall where he will begin working towards his Master's degree and he will also be a teaching assistant there.  5/20/10

Connie (Shaw) Beale's sister, Sylvia Jeane Shaw Fuller of Sherman, Texas, passed away Wednesday, May 19, 2010. A memorial service will be held at 11:00 a. m. Friday, May 21, 2010 at Trinity Baptist Church in Sherman, this will be under the direction of Waldo Funeral Home. Jeane retired from Grayson County State Bank as a Vice President after 30 years of employment, she was a member of Trinity Baptist Church where she served on many committees and also taught Sunday School. Jeane was also a volunteer for many non profit organizations including Home Hospice and Meals on Wheels. Her survivors include: her husband, Marion Powell Fuller of Sherman; three sons, Danny Fuller and his wife Melinda of Sherman, Michael Fuller and his wife Brenda also of Sherman, and Tim Fuller and his wife Linda of Sulphur Springs, Texas; six grandchildren; six great grandchildren; one brother, David Shaw and his wife Betty of Sherman; two sisters, Connie Beale and her husband Cliff LeBlanc of Plano, Texas and Doris McKinney and her husband of Fort Worth, Texas; and many nieces and nephews. 5/20/10

Stellagene (Teague) Shelton has two new reasons for the feeling of family pride she has nowadays, her son in law Garrett Patton's hair salon has been featured in two recent local magazine articles. The article in the March/April 2010 issue of Texoma Living was a follow up to a story that ran in 2007 about Garrett, his son Major, and his Garrett Patton Salon & Associates hairstyling business. In earlier voting by area readers leading up to the publication of the Herald Democrat's 2010 Best of Texoma magazine, Garrett's business was chosen as the best hair salon in the Texomaland area plus there is also a story in the publication telling more about the salon. Garrett's focus is to not only make his clients look good but also feel great when they leave, the award is evidence that he does indeed accomplish that goal. Garrett is the son of Tommy Patton (SHS '65) and his mother was Glenna (Campbell) Patton (SHS '67.) To read our previous entry about Garrett, go to the 10/11/09 and the 5/26/07 entries in this section of our website. To learn why Stellagene's grandson Major was referred to as the "Miracle Baby," go to the 12/1/05 entry in this section of our website.  5/18/10

Ven Hammonds and his wife Dianne (Brodhead) Hammonds have something in common with Willie Nelson, they have been on the road again. They have recently been in the Woodlands, Texas area to do some babysitting, they kept their son Eric's six years old twin grandsons and their seven year old sister while Eric and his wife traveled to San Diego, California for four days on business. This week they will be in Austin, Texas attending the wedding of one of Ven's Air Force Academy roommates who was also a groomsman in their wedding. Their son Todd lives in Sacramento, California, he is now an airline captain who luckily will also be in Austin this week on a 24 hour layover. Eric was born in Virginia and son Todd was born in California so the Hammonds are a true coast to coast family. Ven's military career took them many places but we're glad they chose to come back home to Sherman to enjoy their retirement.  5/17/10

Ed Babraitis and his wife June celebrated May 4th, 2010 with a special lunch at the Bridge Bay Resort on very scenic Lake Shasta in Northern California just north of their home in Redding, California where they have lived for many years, the happy occasion was the couple's thirtieth wedding anniversary. When Shasta Dam was completed in 1948, it was said to be the tallest concrete dam in the United States. Ed and June's family includes three daughters, nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.  5/14/10

Gary Park took home three awards at the recent Howe Volunteer Fire Department Car & Truck Show, this annual event was held Saturday, May 8, 2010. Gary's brother Jerry Park who was in the SHS Class of '60 is retired from the Sherman Post Office and has served over 30 years as a volunteer firefighter, money raised from this event helps maintain and support this worthwhile organization. Gary's 1944 Dodge 3/4 ton Reconnaissance Truck/Command Car came in 1st place in the Military Vehicles category, his 1945 Willys Jeep came in third place in the Military Vehicle category and also was chosen Kid's Choice by the young people in attendance. This is the fourth year for the Car Show, it is now held in conjunction with the annual Howe Founder's Day Celebration.  5/12/10

From the "A look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Thirty Years Ago, May 11, 1980, According to telephone company officials, more than 32,000 long distance calls will be made Mother's Day in the immediate Sherman area. Helping to place those calls will be 45 General Telephone Company operators, 32 of them are also mothers. Extra note-Linda (Copley) Sneed remembers General Telephone Company as she was employed there for thirty four years. Other longtime GTE employees we know of are Kenneth Allison with 32 years, Marcus Pritchett also with 32 years, and Billy Robertson with 31 years. Linda can still be considered as being in the telephone business, for eleven years now she has been the switchboard operator at the SISD Central Office on King Street. Our classmates will remember that building better as our Sherman Junior High. The central office, transportation facilities, and the Ex-Students Museum will be moving in September from King Street to a new location on Loy Lake Road, our old junior high still looks very much the same inside so if you want to see it again you need to go soon before the big move.  5/11/10

After two years and a round of chemo therapy, Suzanne (Young) Welch and her friend Candace Gray participated in their first 5K charity run/walk of the year. The 2010 Dallas/Ft Worth Lymphonathon at Fair Park was held on April 24, 2010, their team of two "CUREabbean Dreamin" raised $800.00. Candace, who has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, has been in remission for several months now. The fact that that they were able to complete their first 5K in quite a while encouraged them to sign up for the upcoming Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in June.  5/9/10

Mike Boyd and wife Marcia welcomed their first grandchild on April 28, 2010. Porter Daniel Summer was born at Providence Hospital in Everett WA. Porter was 9lb 2oz and 21.5 inches at birth. The parents Shane and Suzanne Summer live in Lake Stevens WA - close enough to Mike and Marcia's home in Seattle to give the new grandparents plenty of babysitting opportunities!  5/7/10

Michael (Kirkland) Wooldridge passed away on Friday, April 16, 2010. Memorial services will be held at 10:00 a. m. on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at Southmayd Baptist Church with Larry Blain officiating. He served in the United States Navy and was retired from Hobby Lobby. Michael's survivors are: his wife, Dorothy Wooldridge of Whitesboro, Texas; two daughters, Cheryl Myers and Jamie Murray both of Whitesboro, Texas; one grandson, Ricky Jones of Sherman, Texas; three granddaughters, Brooke Murray and Denise Murray both of Whitesboro, Texas and Michelle Murray of Tulsa, Oklahoma; one step granddaughter, Dorothy Myers of Gainesville, Texas; two brothers, Elton Kirkland of Pottsboro, Texas and Richard Kirkland of Granger, Texas; and two sisters, Joye Thomas of Loganville, Georgia and Ladean Casteel of Pasadena, Texas.  5/5/10

Mike Nurre's parents, Ted and Jerre Nurre, were two of fifty nine local writers receiving awards at yesterday afternoons "Telling Our Stories" annual awards program, the special event was held at Sherman Hall on the Austin College campus. The theme for this latest series of stories was centered around pets, Ted's story was titled "A Dog's Diary" and Jerre's was "Dogs I Have Known." Everyone that has owned a pet knows just how special they can be in a person's life. Jerre has been involved in the writing workshop almost since its inception, she also received a special award for authoring the best story in her age category in 2003. Both of Mike's parents have contributed a great deal in making Sherman a better place to live, they are very much appreciated for having served in many volunteer capacities throughout our community. For more about the "Telling Our Stories" writing workshops, go to the 5/21/08 entry in this section of our website. Clifford Trice's mother, Jane Trice, also received a "Telling Our Stories" award for authoring the best story in her age category in 2001. She passed away in January of 2009.  5/3/10

Margie Wilhelm's sister, Virgie Carter who was in the SHS Class of '55, was named as president-elect at this years Wilson N. Jones Medical Center Auxiliary's annual awards banquet and officer installation. The festive event was held Friday, April 30, 2010 at the Wright Center on the Austin College Campus, the date of the event was very appropriate as it coincided with National Volunteer Week. Virgie has been a volunteer for twelve years, she is one of a roster of currently ninety six volunteers who last year put in a total of 38,106 hours. She received special recognition for her own over 9,000 hours of total volunteer service to the hospital, that amount is even more impressive when you realize that those hours translate into over four years of full time employment based on a forty hour work week. Jim Jouvenat's mother, Eloise Jouvenat, who passed away in October of 2007 was a very faithful and well respected member of the hospital auxiliary. Eloise was a volunteer for thirty one years which is one of the longest periods of service by any of the hospital's volunteers. Wilson N. Jones Medical Center is now affiliated with Texas Health Systems and the official name is now Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ, however long time Sherman residents most likely will continue to refer to it as just Wilson N. Jones.   5/1/10

From the "A Look Through our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Twenty Years Ago, April 30, 1990, Washington Elementary cafeteria manager Joyce Jackson has worked for the Sherman ISD for some thirty four years. To show their appreciation for her dedication, the SISD Board of Trustees presented Mrs. Jackson with a certificate designating her as "Employee of the Month" for March. Extra note-To see more about James Jackson's mother, go to the 3/16/10 entry in this section of our website. Those former students who attended Washington Elementary School and haven't been back to Sherman in quite a while will see an entirely different look the next time they are in the 800 block of South Travis. A new Washington Elementary was recently built replacing the building that some of our classmates and also some of our parents attended, this is the third building in the same location since Washington Elementary was first established in Sherman in 1886.  4/30/10

Butch Ewing and his wife Mary were married on April 5, 1965, their recent 45th wedding anniversary is one they will never forget. In planning ahead for this celebration, two years ago they had purchased a week at a condo in Branson, Missouri. Shortly after arriving in Branson for what was to be a one week combination anniversary celebration and vacation, Butch came down with a bacterial infection plus pneumonia. Mary said she had a really nice place to stay while Butch was in the hospital but it wasn't exactly the celebration she had in mind. After a full week in the hospital, Butch was released and he really felt like doing something so they did get to take an excursion train ride through the mountains of Arkansas and back before the trip back to their home in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Extra note-With the way their anniversary celebration started out, this could've been written as a thorn but we chose to write it as a rose and emphasize the good news in this which is Butch is feeling much better and he and Mary were able to get in at least part of a vacation. We hope Butch continues to feel better each day and he and Mary's 46th wedding anniversary celebration next year will be one without any problems.  4/27/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat" Fifty Years Ago, April 22, 1960, You can now taste the butter--that real butter flavor in your cakes, fried foods, pies, etc., thanks to Richard J. Bell and Ray B. Donohue, chemists with Anderson Clayton and Co. Foods Division in Sherman. Extra note-Nancy (Bell) Mayo's father, Dick Bell, passed away in April of 2000. Steve Donohue's father, Ray B. Donohue, is presently living in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Steve has lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for many years and last year decided to try to locate a 1963 SHS Athenian that he could buy, coincidentally the one he found and purchased on Ebay just happened to be Judd Bell's old Athenian. You may not know that the Seven Seas line of salad dressing was first developed in Sherman by Warren Leruth who was then a research chef at Anderson Clayton, Green Goddess was the new line of dressing's first flavor. Green Goddess is the best seller of the six flavors in the Seven Seas line, the now harder to find popular salad dressings are under the Kraft label as the Anderson Clayton Food's Division was sold to Kraft in 1987. The once very popular Chiffon margarine was also first developed at Anderson Clayton in Sherman, Chiffon may be best remembered by it's advertising catch phrase "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." While still at Anderson Clayton, in May of 1963 Warren Leruth opened up an upscale French restaurant in Sherman on old Highway 75. In 1966 LeRuth's moved to Gretna, Louisiana which is just outside New Orleans, under Warren's ownership LeRuth's remained one of the top restaurants in the New Orleans area for many years. Warren Leruth died on November 12, 2001 while living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a popular vacation resort area he had chosen for his retirement home several years earlier. To read more about Warren Leruth and some of the information contained in this write up, go to Thanks to Dianne (Keesee) Williams' father, Harold Keesee, for confirming some of the facts for this write up. Harold was a former Vice President of Research and Development at Anderson Clayton when he retired in August of 1977 after thirty years with the company. Harold and his wife Wanda's presence have added a nice touch to some of our previous get togethers in the Metroplex, they are welcome back anytime.  4/22/10

Mike Boyd's brother, David Alan Boyd, passed away on Friday, April 16, 2010 at his home in Federal Way, Washington. A memorial service will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2010 at Price-Helton Funeral Home in Auburn, Washington, Chaplain Pat Ellis will preside. David was a member of the Sherman High School Class of '64 and was on the track team in high school. He developed an interest in printing when he first worked as a pressman for the Sherman Democrat shortly after high school, he continued working in the printing industry for many years. David's survivors are: his three sons, Art, Scott, and Steve; his two brothers, Jim Boyd and Mike Boyd; his sister, Carol Felton; and his mother, Louise. All David's survivors now reside in the Seattle, Washington area.  4/21/10

Joe Fitzsimmons wrote a "Letter to the Editor" in today's Herald Democrat about his personal reasons for a special appreciation of the bluebonnets now seen along various parts of Highway 75. The letter was a nice tribute to his dad, it was easy to see that it was written with much love and respect. In 1965 our State Flower Bluebonnets were just a small part of President Lyndon Johnson's "Highway Beautification Act." First Lady Bird Johnson persuaded the government of the State of Texas to seed State Flower Bluebonnets and other wildflowers along the highways throughout our state, President Lyndon Johnson's four part 1965 Highway Beautification Act became known as "Lady Bird's Bill." Willard F. Fitzsimmons, a Texas Department of Transportation employee for twenty four years, was very instrumental in planting our area's original crop of bluebonnets. The bluebonnet seeds were spread both by hand from a mower and by truck spreaders, those flowers have endured drought and other obstacles for many years yet they keep coming back strong. The roadside flowers were appreciated before but even more so now because, as Paul Harvey used to say, we now know "the rest of the story." Doc Severinsen, the Tonight Show's former bandleader, gave Lubbock, Texas native Mac Davis the original idea for one of his biggest hit songs. The song Mac wrote was "Stop and Smell the Roses," that just means you should slow down and as the song says "count your many blessings every day." An odd coincidence is our upcoming Home Hospice Auxiliary's Spring Luncheon has the theme of "Stop and Smell the Roses," the April 29th event will be held at Wright Center on the Austin College Campus. We all need to step back and look around from time to time and give an extra Thank You to God for what all He has given us whether the inspiration comes from Joe's letter telling of his dad's work with the bluebonnets, lyrics in the Mac Davis song, the upcoming Home Hospice Spring Luncheon, or any of a multitude of other inspiring sources. Thanks you Joe for telling us how your dad had a part in beautifying our area, more news about Joe can be found in the 11/10/09 entry in this section of our website. Some interesting facts about the Texas Bluebonnets can be found by going to and type Texas Pride in the search box, generally the Texas Bluebonnets are at their most spectacular from mid March through late May so be sure and see them while you can.  4/19/10

Gary Park and a few of his military association friends attended some of last week's 10th annual Medal of Honor Week activities in Gainesville, at this time Gainesville is still the only city in the country that designates a special week to pay tribute to these American heroes. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States Congress, a recipient can be a member of any branch of our nation's military. Eleven of our nation's 91 living MOH recipients were in Gainesville to participate, they came from states as far away as California and Wisconsin. In the ten years Gainesville has hosted the event, more than 11,000 area school children have attended receiving first hand lessons in patriotism and self-discipline that they will remember the rest of their lives. For more about the MOH activities in Gainesville, go to the 4/17/09 entry in this section of our website.  4/17/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, April 14, 1950, It will be possible for dairies to sell a milk product known as half and half in Sherman in the future. Dr. John W. Ellis, city health officer, issued a statement which complies with the Texas State Health Department requirements and defines what the term 'half and half" shall mean. Extra note-Johnny Ellis' dad, Dr. John W. Ellis, was a very well respected member of Sherman's medical field for many years. It seems like the small half pint cartons of milk were three cents when we were in school, that price is long gone as are three cent stamps, penny post cards, etc.

Fifty Years Ago, April 14, 1960, One of six Sherman High School juniors will win a trip to New York City, New York to see the United Nations in session. These six students are Sharon Broome, Toni Hardy, David Johnson, Art Saalfield, Charles Simpson, and Judy Warren. Extra note-Charles Broome's sister, Sharon Broome Eaton, lives in Bonham. David Seaver's sister in law, Toni Hardy Seaver, lives in Sadler. Art Saalfield was the lucky winner of the trip to New York, he was living in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas when he passed away in November of 2008.  4/14/10

Dianne (Keesee) Williams and her husband John recently attended a family reunion in Oklahoma City, approximately fifty family members took part. The reunions are not held on a regular basis so everyone enjoys them that much more when they are held, this one was no exception as everyone attending had a good time and will be ready for another whenever that time might be. An odd coincidence concerns a story that appears in the February/March issue of Country Magazine. Dianne was born in Frederick, Oklahoma and now lives in Bedford, Texas. A resident of Bedford wrote a true narrative that tells of a man who last year drove a mule train from Palo Pinto, Texas to Frederick, Oklahoma. In 1909, two young boys made a 500 mile trip by mule train from Frederick, Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Last year's trip, although quite a bit shorter, was in commemoration of the similar trip one hundred years earlier.  4/11/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, April 9, 1950, Sale Omohundro was nominated for president of the Sherman Rotary Club. Other officers nominated were John Sicks, vice president; R. G. Piner, secretary; Bill Bell, treasurer; and directors, J. W. Bailey, Burgess Buchanan, Euclid Fant, C. O. Spence, and Raymond Tucker. Extra note-Anne Bell Langworthy's father, Beverly Fant's father, and Mary Sicks' father were all very active in the Sherman community when they lived here.

Fifty Years Ago, April 9, 1960, When Perrin Air Force Base opens to the public for Armed Forces Day, there will be an important new member of the base "family" to be shown. It's the powerful F-102 jet fighter whose delta wings give it the appearance of a flying dart. Extra note-The F-102 replaced the F-86D as the main aircraft at Perrin. An F-86 D stood for many years in the center median right behind the guard shack at the entrance to Perrin Field, another F-86 D is being restored and will soon occupy that same entrance to Perrin as the other F-86D did years ago. The F-86D was our nation's first single seat all weather/night fighter aircraft. Many of us have fond memories of the Armed Forces Days at Perrin when we were able to tour the base and see many of those planes up close.  4/9/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, April 5, 1960, Six tennis players will represent Sherman High School in the District 7-AAAA Tournament at Denton. They are Barbara Andrews, Don Barnett, Eddy Newton, Steve Randall, Glenda Taylor, and Mary Bob Wilson. Extra note-Steve Randall, Judy (Randall) Nicholas' brother, passed away April 11, 2005. Mary Bob Wilson Wylie, Vicki (Wilson) Mulkey's sister, has lived in Dallas for many years. Like Mary Bob, Vicki was also on the tennis team in high school. 4/5/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, April 4, 1950, Four junior high school girls assisted in decorating the King Cotton Room at the Grayson Hotel for the Mother-Daughter Banquet. They are Margaret Burlington, Mary Ann Goss, Gail Hipple, and Linda McKinzie. Extra note-Gail Hipple Bates and her husband David live in West Friendship, Maryland where Gail is a very active member of the Maryland House of Delegates. For more information about Gail, go to the 3/25/09 entry in this section of our website.  4/4/10

The 54th year of the Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show just ended, the always popular event is held annually at Loy Lake Park. Many people who attend every year say the best part of the show is knowing the youth of our area receive a great deal of knowledge and satisfaction from their involvement. Leroy Griswold just completed his 51st year as a participant at the Loy Lake Show so he has been there almost from the start, this year in addition to his usual role of being the General Grounds Superintendent he was also director in charge of the swine competition. Leroy, a lifetime member, has held many positions in the association and has received numerous awards in his fifty one years of participation. For more about this annual event, go to the 4/14/09 entry in this section of our website.  4/3/10

Stellagene (Teague) Shelton has recently sold her home and is now an apartment dweller until she decides exactly what she wants to do next, there are advantages to being a homeowner but there are some drawbacks too. After traveling with her job for several years, Stellagene is glad she is now able to be home more. However, she grew tired of spending a lot of her spare time keeping up the yard and other things a homeowner must do. Still in the medical field, Stellagene's only work related traveling now involves usually not more than a three county area. She's just glad for right now anyway she doesn't have to rush home to have yard work waiting.  3/28/10

Patsy (Lillie) Hagood's husband, Ralph Johnston (R. J.) Hagood, Jr. of Denison, Texas, passed away on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at Wilson N. Jones Medical Center in Sherman, Texas. Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 2, 2010 at Waples Memorial United Methodist Church in Denison under the direction of Fisher Funeral Home, officiating will be Rev. Mike Nichols. R. J. was a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, Austin College, and the University of Texas Law School and had been a criminal defense attorney in Denison for many years. His survivors are: his wife, Patsy (Lillie) Hagood of Denison, Texas; two daughters, Lauren Means and Paige Embrey both of Denison, Texas; two sons, Collin Hagood of Dallas, Texas and Kevin Hagood of Denison, Texas; four grandchildren, Easton Means, Grace Embrey, Kaden Hagood, and Noah Embrey; his parents, Ralph and Laura Hagood, Sr. of Plano, Texas; and his sister, Lee Horn, also of Plano.  3/20/10

Gwynn (Crowson) Getto has been staying busy lately, she just returned from a trip to Louisiana where there was a family celebration for three aunts who all happened to have birthdays that fell very close together. The oldest aunt turned 100 so the celebration was indeed special. On March 11th and for the second year in a row, Gwynn was in charge of the Mesquite ISD Council of PTA's Reflections Awards Reception. This was a very special event recognizing and honoring budding young artists from kindergarten age all the way up through high school. 124 students were honored and there was a total attendance number of approximately 350. Chairing the event was quite a job as the preparations took many months but Gwynn said it was all a labor of love. We congratulate Gwynn for the dedication and the work that she put forth which helped make this worthwhile event a success.   3/20/10

Carolyn (Hudnall) Cooper's brother, Paul Thomas Hudnall of Council Bluffs, Iowa, passed away on Monday, March 15, 2010 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. A graveside service will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, March 22, 2010 at West Hill Cemetery in Sherman, Texas under the direction of Dannel Funeral Home, officiating will be Reverend Leland Samuelson. Tommy was a 1965 graduate of Sherman High School, a graduate of Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska, a longtime member of the Methodist Church, and worked as a project engineer with Railworks Track Systems. He served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam Era. His survivors are: his wife, Phyllis of Council Bluffs, Iowa; his son, Sean Paul Hudnall of Council Bluffs, Iowa; two sisters, Carolyn Cooper and her husband Grier of Phoenix, Arizona and Debby Christy and her husband David of Waukomis, Oklahoma; an aunt, Myra Lou Guebert and an uncle John B. Cooke and several nephews.  3/20/10

Since 1972 Bob Phillips, host of the popular syndicated television show "Texas Country Reporter," has been traveling the back roads of Texas searching for ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Jerry Hunter and his wife Cherrie just returned from their own Bob Phillips type adventure, they covered 1,750 miles in eight days traveling parts of south and central Texas mostly avoiding the interstates just as Bob does it. They spent three days visiting friends in Port Mansfield, including Doug Johnson who knew Buddy Shipman when they both used to live in Gainesville. Doug's wife is from San Benito and used to live down the street from Texas musician Freddy Fender. Freddy passed away in 2006 and had several hit songs, two of the most famous are "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" and "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights." Jerry and Cherrie visited many antique shops on their Texas Back roads Tours, Jerry found some M&M memorabilia and antique telephones to add to his collections and Cherrie found some candle holders to add to her collection. Jerry said the air show they saw in Brownsville was great, it was a reenactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor complete with many explosions and several flyovers by authentic restored aircraft of the World War II era. A place Jerry really enjoyed eating lunch was Carl's Corner, a small community named for Carl Cornelius who is also a close friend of music legend Willie Nelson. In fact Carl's Corner was the first place in the nation to sell BioWillie, a biodiesel fuel marketed by Willie Nelson. Jerry & Cherrie also toured some of the beautiful Texas Hill Country including the popular towns of Fredericksburg and Kerrville. Jerry said he envies Bob Phillips being able to tour Texas' back roads for a living and that he looks forward to the next time he and Cherrie take another similar trip.   3/18/10

From the "A Look At Our Area's past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, March 16, 1960, Flutists in the Sherman High School Band are Harry Bilger, Diana Bilger, Pam Blount, Jan Burleson, Joyce Jackson, Kaye Anne Kelley, and Sylvia Sonnenburg. Extra note-Diana Bilger Belden (SHS '60) and her sister Pam Bilger both now live in San Antonio, Texas. Joyce Jackson Smith, James Jackson's sister, now lives in Mansfield, Texas. Many in our class will remember James' mother who is also named Joyce, she worked for many years in the junior high school cafeteria and now is in an assisted living facility near her daughter Joyce. Eldon Sonnenburg, the longtime Sherman Band Director, is now retired and lives north of Pottsboro near Lake Texoma, his 90th birthday will be coming up in September. He and his wife Mary attended our "Happy Days" reunion at Austin College's Wright Center in July of 2003.  3/16/10

From the "A Look Through Our America's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, March 15, 1960, Sherman's newest store for men and women opens for business Thursday. The Toggery, located at the corner of Travis and Houston, is in the old Keith's Drug Store Building. Owned and operated by Ray Melton, a native of Sherman, The Toggery will stock a complete line of men's and women's sportswear. Extra note-The Toggery soon discontinued the women's clothing and many of us remember them catering mostly to boys of high school and college age. Ray passed away in August of 1971 and The Toggery went out of business a year or so after that. Ray's son, Dickie Ray Melton (SHS '58), who sold clothing to many boys in our class is now living in Temperance, Michigan. The posters displayed at our class reunions showing newspaper advertisements and other memories and pictures from our "good old days" are always popular at our reunions. On one of our poster boards is a newspaper ad from The Toggery showing James Cooper modeling a striped Ivy League shirt. Chain stores have now taken over many cities and towns throughout America, sadly many downtown home owned businesses are too often becoming just memories of the past. Atherton's Music, Bratton's Store For Men, Coleman's Shoes, The Collegiate Shoppe, The Grayson Hotel, Jaco's Men & Boy's Wear, Lloyd's Home Appliances, Melrose Tappan's Jewelers, Price's Department Store, Taylor Vaughan's, and The Toggery are just a few of the locally owned businesses that once called downtown Sherman home along with car dealers, drugstores, hardware stores, restaurants, and an assortment of other retail establishments.  3/15/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, March 12, 1960, A $20 a week Sherman grocery boy will fly to Chicago and back Monday, his day off from work, with the hope of winning a $5,000 college scholarship. Allen Stockslager is one of six outstanding high school seniors to be interviewed by the Quaker Oats Company's national office in Chicago. A Quaker Oats committee will pick two of the six students for $5,000 scholarships. Extra note-David Stockslager tells us that he accompanied his brother on that trip which was a nationwide mathematics competition in number sense. Although Allen didn't receive one of the two scholarships awarded, he was still proud of coming in third in the nation and being the only student representing Texas. Allen passed away in 1995, David now lives in Terrell and enjoys attending our reunions and mini-reunions whenever he can. 3/12/10

Stewart Crane now makes his home in Reno, Nevada but he and his wife Pat were back in Texas recently to visit their son Jim who just returned from Iraq and is a third generation pilot stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. For those of you that may not know, Fort Hood is the most populous military installation in the world. Army Specialist (SPC) James Owen Crane is a Shadow Unmanned Aerial Systems Instructor/Operator Pilot with the 1st Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division. On this return to Texas trip Stewart also enjoyed being able to visit with old school friend and neighbor Steve Warren who now lives in Pflugerville. He said the ten day visit ended much too soon and that even though he is now a Nevada resident, some of his life's fondest memories are from his time spent living in Sherman. To read more about Stewart, go to the 4/11/09 and 6/17/08 entries in this section of our website. 3/8/10

Sam Mullins and his wife Bettye, welcomed their second grandchild on Thursday, March 4, 2010. Samuel Alan Mullins was born at Centennial Medical Center in Frisco. Samuel weighed in at 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 21 1/4 inches long. Parents are Patrick and Darla Mullins of Little Elm. 3/4/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, February 26, 1950, The first president of the Sherman Rotary Club, which was founded February 17, 1923, was A. Y. Creager. John Sicks is the present head of the organization. Extra note-Mary (Sicks) Hotalling's father was in management at Anderson Clayton and was also a very well respected Sherman civic leader, he was missed by many after passing away unexpectedly while on a business trip in 1958. One of his hobbies was rock polishing, some of those classmates who attended Fairview Elementary School can recall going over to Mary's house on West Scott Street and seeing how John could turn a fairly ordinary looking rock into a beautiful piece of stone.  2/26/10

Karen (Christie) Parker and her husband Bob took their second cruise on Holland America's MS Noordam cruise ship back in November, they are another of our couples who say that a really nice vacation is one spent "cruising." Karen and Bob sailed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Phillipsburg, St. Marteen, then to Castries, Saint Lucia, then to Bridgetown, Barbados, followed by Fort-de-France, Martinique, Charlotte Amelie, St. Thomas, and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas before returning to Fort Lauderdale. Karen said that although this was their second time sailing on this particular ship, this time the destinations were different so it was a whole new experience. For other news about Karen and Bob, go to the 7/16/09 and 8/6/08 entries in this section of our website.  2/20/10

Mary (Ferguson) Dollar's mother, Marie Ferguson of Sherman, Texas, passed away on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at Sherman Healthcare Center. Services will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at Dannel Funeral Home, officiating will be Donnie Neal of Harvest Hour Pentecostal Church. Marie had worked at Levi Strauss & Company, she stayed very active in her retirement years through her many hobbies. Her survivors are: three daughters, Barbara Harvey of Luella, Debbie Raborn of Luella, and Mary Dollar of Sherman; one son, Herbert Ferguson of Sherman; nine grandchildren, sixteen great grandchildren, and five great-great grandchildren; one brother, Chuck Hix of Denison; and two sisters, Ethel Lions of San Bernardino, California and Mary Helen Robins of Sacramento, California. 2/19/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, February 18, 1970, City College of San Francisco has paid $1 for a four-engine airplane as a training aid for its airport school. Present when the Lockheed Constellation was turned over to the school was the seller, Dr. John W. Ellis of Sherman. Extra note-City College of San Francisco still offers a two year specialized program in their Applied Science & Technology Division for students who want to enter the field of aviation maintenance as aircraft maintenance technicians. For other news about Johnny Ellis and his family, go to the 12/15/09 and 9/25/09 entries in this section of our website.   2/18/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, February 16, 1970: Tom Stevens and Debbie Eichelberger, Sherman High School Seniors, were named Mr. and Miss School Spirit. English teacher Gary Nichols was named Faculty School Spirit. Extra note-Debbie Eichelberger Mentzel now lives in Plano, Texas, her sister Cheryl (Eichelberger) Deatharage lives in Monument, Colorado.   2/16/10

John (Johnny) Hunt, Special Field Assistance Agent with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, presented Grayson College Police Officer B.F. Wade with a special service award yesterday afternoon at the college's CWL Auditorium. The award recognizes Officer Wade's almost sixty years of service in the often under appreciated field of law enforcement and is good naturedly called the "Dinosaur Award," this is only the third time in the history of TCLEOSE that such an award has been presented. A New Orleans officer named Manuel Curry died in June of 2009 at age 84, he was our nation's oldest still working officer at the time. So at 82 years of age, B. F. Wade could be the oldest still working police officer in the state of Texas and now maybe the entire country. He is best known for his thirty six and a half years with the Texas Department of Public Safety or the Highway Patrol as it more commonly called. B. F. Wade is truly deserving of this honor for his years of service and dedication.  2/16/10

Ronald Haker and his wife Jan are continuing with the mission work of their church, the Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas. Teams of missionaries from the church will be going to seven different countries in 2010 with their "Let's Start Talking" program where they will be engaging Non-Christians in Bible Study to help spread God's Word. Ron and Jan will be spending five weeks in Qingdao, China and six weeks in Chimala, Tanzania. We applaud them on this very commendable undertaking. For additional news about Ron and Jan's mission work, go to the 2/24/09 entry in this section of our website.  2/11/10

Bill W. McClure passed away Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at Wilson N. Jones Medical Center in Sherman, Texas. Services will be held at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, February 6, 2010 at Waldo Funeral Home. Rev. Louella Williams of the Virginia Point Methodist Church will officiate, burial will follow at Cedarlawn Memorial Park. Besides being a Navy Veteran, Bill was a lifelong educator in the Sherman ISD for over 34 years. He was a teacher, golf coach, and an assistant principal. Bill received a Sherman Ex-Student Association's Distinguished Teacher Award in 1995. A longtime member of the First Baptist Church of Sherman, he served on the Board of Directors and as a supervisor for the Texoma Educator's Credit Union and was on the board of the Grayson County Golf Association. He was also a member of both the Grayson County Retired Teachers' Association and the Texas Retired Teachers' Association. Bill's survivors are: his wife, Virginia of Sherman; two daughters, Gina Mickelson of Hinton, Oklahoma and Kim Hardin of Fort Worth, Texas; one son, Wade McClure of Pilot Point, Texas; four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Extra note-Bill, along with Gene Loop, was our class sponsor at Sherman High School. Although he was known to be very good at swinging a paddle, in reality Bill was a gentle and very kind man. We were fortunate to have had him attend our Spring Get-Together at "Loose Wheels, Texas" in 2008. He commented several times how much he enjoyed being with some of the '63 classmates at that event, we enjoyed him being there just as much. Although a previously planned out of town family trip kept him from joining us there again this past Fall, he was looking forward to being with us at our upcoming 2009 Spring Get-Together mini-reunion. Sadly, that was not to be. Bill McClure will definitely be missed.  2/5/10

Tommy Lockhart's mother, Mary Elizabeth Lockhart of Sherman, Texas, passed away Tuesday, February 2, 2010. A memorial service will be held Saturday morning, February 6, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. at Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church with Lander Bethel officiating under the direction of Dannel Funeral Home. Her survivors are: twin daughters, Betty McLeod and Lyn Gray; and two sons, John Robert Lockhart and Thomas Ellis Lockhart, III. Tommy's dad was Ellis Lockhart who passed away in 1997, he was the Personnel Manager and Treasurer at Austin College for many years. 2/3/10

Cathy (Hamilton) Bradburry let us know that she and husband Bill also celebrated a 40th wedding anniversary (June 1, 1969) last year, they spent a week at a house on the beach not far from Destin, Florida. Although they live in Florida, she said that was a nice change from their usual routine. Their youngest son Daniel and his wife Jennifer also had their first child, a daughter named Parker Elizabeth Bradburry. Cathy and Bill are now grandparents to two girls and one boy. Their oldest son Chris is now Director of Emergency Medicine at BSA Hospital in Amarillo.

Like Joanne (Cole) Slaven, Cathy also let us know that she has gotten very interested in genealogy. She and Bill went to Ireland in the Fall of 2008, Cathy says the country is just as beautiful and scenic as the pictures indicate. Cathy's interest in genealogy stems from her grandmother who was first generation Irish but lived in Sherman most of her later life. Cathy's grandmother's parents were both born in County Antrim, NI and she still exchanged letters with her cousins up until their deaths in the late 1970’s. Cathy and Bill drove straight to the village and home place of one of the families and visited quite a while, they also located another cousin that now lives part of the year in the states and the other part in Scotland. Cathy found out that she is supposed to be very distantly related to Mary, Queen of Scots.

Cathy's husband Bill has also been working on building a plane, it has been a several year project but that first flight is getting closer to becoming a reality as he is now working on fine tuning the engine. He and Cathy have talked about flying to Sherman sometime to attend one of our reunions or mini-reunions, we hope they will actually do that.  1/29/10

Donna (Cook) Hannah's mother, Imogene Cook, resident of The Renaissance passed away in Sherman on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010, surrounded, as she was in life, by family and friends. Imogene's funeral will be at 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 22, at Parkview Church of Christ and will be officiated by minister Welton Stoker. A memorial of Imogene's life will be led by longtime friend and minister Jim Rucker and Bob Cathey will also share memories. Imogene was preceded in death by her husband, Travis, and daughter, Dolores Rapp.  She was married to Travis Cook, the love of her life, for 64 years, until his death in 2005. Through the years, they worked together in several family businesses: Cook's Barber Shop, Donna Kay's Dress Shop, and Travis Cook Realty; all on East Lamar in Sherman. She is survived by her daughter Donna Hannah of McKinney; granddaughters Laura Hattaway, Deanna Medcalf, Sarah Brown, Debra Rapp, and Denice Drost; her great-grandchildren Chelsea, Hannah, Daphne, Mackenzie, T.J., Serenity, Brianna, Jaze, and Drew; her sister, Barbara Garland; and her brothers Walter Lewis and John Lewis. 1/21/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Sixty Years Ago, January 19, 1950, Miss Norma Webb and Miss Pat Martin, 18, will represent Sherman on Sherman Day at the Southwestern Livestock Exposition at Fort Worth. Miss Webb is queen of the Sherman Saddle Club, Miss Martin is district Future Farmer Sweetheart of 1949. Extra note-Donna (Webb) Shaw's sister, Norma Webb Shaw, is a Sherman Class of '56 graduate and now lives in Boyd, Texas. Other than now being brother in laws, Donna's husband and Norma's husband were no kin before Donna and Norma married them. 1/19/10

Margaret (Madden) Alverson is another of our classmates who enjoyed touring Alaska this past year, she treated her two grandsons (Alex, a recent Eagle Scout and Shea who is a middle school student in Bells) to an adventure they will remember forever. Their first stop was Anchorage to visit with Margaret's brother John and his family. After a few days in Anchorage, they went to Denali where the boys loved the whitewater rafting, touring the park, and hiking. They got to see wolves, caribou, moose, etc., as Margaret says "Denali is boy paradise!" They then went back to Anchorage for more sight seeing and visiting and then took the fantastic train ride to Seward. There they enjoyed seeing all the local sights, taking several tours to see the sea life, going silver salmon fishing in the bay, and eating tons of delicious sea food including LOTS of salmon. For the final days of the trip the adventurous travelers took a Celebrity Cruise of the Inside Passages which they really enjoyed. The boys three favorite things about the Day Excursions were: the zip line in Hoonan (suppose to be the longest zip line in the world), the Hubbard Glacier (which is growing - not receding like most glaciers), and seeing the bears feeding on salmon at Mendenhall Glacier. Margaret says traveling with grandchildren is something she can definitely recommend, she is already thinking about where this year's adventure might be.

Extra note-This was edited down from a longer and better written version which Margaret sent, anyone considering a trip to Alaska should read her complete account as it just might make you want to start packing. Let us know if you would like to receive Margaret's more complete version and it will be sent to you. 1/15/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, January 13, 1960, Becky Aston of Sherman has been selected to receive the Good Citizenship Award from the Martha Jefferson Randolph chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Extra note-Susannah (Aston) Crosthwaite's sister, Becky Aston Moore, is a Sherman Class of '60 graduate who has lived in Dallas for many years. Their mother, Martha Aston, was a well respected long time Sherman English teacher who passed away in 1992.  1/13/10

2009 proved to be a busy year for Alton Bowman, he received an honorable mention award at the recent 10th annual Kerr Arts & Cultural Center "Texas Furniture Maker's Show." The popular show is held in the scenic Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville, furniture craftsmen from throughout Texas look forward to attending the event every year. Alton's entry was a beautiful Art Nouveau Oval Writing Desk which he designed and built from a combination of Brazilian rosewood and mahogany.

Another highlight for Alton this past year was finishing up his restoration work on the furnishings in the Johnson City, Texas home of President Lyndon B. Johnson, he worked on the approximately 125 pieces over a year. After being recommended by a staff member of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., Alton traveled to the Lyndon B. Johnson National Park in Johnson City and was interviewed about the project, it was quite an honor being chosen considering all the furniture craftsmen there are in Texas. Alton restored Lady Bird's childhood high chair and LBJ's rocker plus many other pieces from throughout the home as well as from LBJ's personal office which is also located there. Some of the pieces Alton had to restore while at the home, others he had shipped to him at his studio in Flower Mound where he worked on them there. Chapman Kelley is a former teacher of Alton's and a nationally known artist, Alton enjoyed the fact that one of Chapman's paintings is displayed in President Johnson's home.

Alton and his wife Sweety are also part of a group of twenty artists and craftsmen who show at the Cross Timbers Artists Gallery in Highland Village, Texas, the website there is  1/10/10

We recently found out about a few other classmates who celebrated monumental anniversaries this past year, these were not written about when they happened but we still want to recognize them. Mike McDonald and his wife Dee live in Sherman and observed twenty years of marriage on February 25, 2009, Bennie (Bowen) Stoy and her husband Hubert also live in Sherman and they observed forty five years of marriage on November 22, 2009. Margaret (Madden) Alverson and her husband Gerald are one of our couples that had a forty year anniversary in 2009, they were married May 20, 1969. Margaret and Gerald live in Denison where they operate an air conditioning/heating business, they have two daughters, one son, and four grandchildren. Lon Kurtzman and his wife Linda have two daughters and live in Folsom, California, they had their forty year anniversary on November 29, 2009. They celebrated the monumental occasion with a trip to New York City where they enjoyed seeing two Broadway shows plus several of the other sights that America's largest city has to offer.   1/7/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Forty Years Ago, January 4, 1970, The Perrin Air Force Base runway will be closed to stork landings effective February 1. The base has announced that obstetrical service will be discontinued at the base hospital after more than twenty years of operation. Extra note-Sylvia (Taylor) Finch and Gary Park's wife, Donna (Mosby) Park, are two of the people we know of who were born at that hospital.  1/4/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, January 3, 1960, Greetings and salutations were widespread for the Sam Rayburn celebration last week but Sharon Hall, the University of Texas student and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levis Hall, Jr., was probably the only person who got kissed by the Speaker. Extra note-David Hall and all his immediate family members were long time friends of Speaker Rayburn. Sharon and Speaker Rayburn shared the same January 6th birth date, Sharon is a Sherman Class of '56 graduate and has lived in San Angelo, Texas since her marriage to San Angelo native Phillip Templeton in December of 1960.  1/3/10

Treva (Anderson) Bell's mother, Jean Anderson of Sherman, passed away Thursday, December 31, 2009. Services will be at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, January 2, 2010 in the Waldo Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. Jason Anderson and Rev. John Plumlee of Trinity Baptist Church will officiate with burial following at West Hill Cemetery. She was a long time beautician in Sherman. Her survivors are: two daughters, Pat Hall and her husband David of Owasso, Oklahoma and Treva Bell and her husband John of Bedford, Texas; one brother, Charles Whisenant and his wife Reba of Dallas, Texas; four grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews. 1/1/10

From the "A Look Through Our Area's Past" column in today's Herald Democrat: Fifty Years Ago, January 1, 1960, Jerry Green, a Sherman High School Student, dropped a javelina wild boar during a hunting trip with his father in Uvalde County. Extra note-Terry Green's brother is a Sherman Class of '61 graduate and now lives in Holly Lake Ranch, Texas.  1/1/10