We Need Your Help!

While all the time and effort to produce this website is done with volunteer labor from several members of the Class of '63, the reality is that there are additional costs that cannot be donated. The site name must be registered annually and there is a monthly charge from a Web Hosting Service who maintains the server that houses our site.

We need donations from you to help offset these costs. All contributions will go to maintaining the site (the labor will still be donated) and if an excess should occur, it will be rolled over to the Reunion account to help in our yearly events.

If you can help (even $5 donations are appreciated) please
contact us for details.


Below are listed those who have contributed to this site. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL:

Jimmy Apel, Kenneth (Ken) Allison, Willies Ballou, Stanley (Stan) Blythe, Bennie Bowen, Mike Boyd, Karen Christie Parker, Joanne Cole Slaven, James (Jim) Cooper, Buddy (John) Dryden, Dick Ellis, Butch (Ben) Ewing, Len Gallup Crombie, Ronnie Giles, Jean Gilliland Ross, Glen Hailey, David Ellis Hall, David Walden Hall, Cathy Hamilton Bradburry, Ven and Dianne Brodhead Hammonds, Joyce Hartwig Murter, Gail Hipple Bates, Jim Jouvenat, Lon Kurtzman, Jim Lacy, Jerry McAlister, James and Vicki Wilson Mulkey, Sam Mullins, Chuck Parham, Gary Park, Beverly Raley Fleming, Patricia (Pat) Riley Garrett, Billy Gene Roach, Bobby Dean Roach, Jim Ross, Randy Rowland, Buddy Shipman, Debby Smith Carpenter, Andy Stuckey, Sylvia Taylor Finch, Stellagene Teague Shelton, Donna Webb Shaw, Burl and Joyce Smith White, Jean Gilliland,  and Ted Wilson.